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What a match for Blues today! Little Sarri gave lessons to the teacher and won against big Guardiola. Italian coach usually admitted, in the past, that he is inspired  by Pep’ play and when the two manager met in Champions League, when Sarri was in Napoli, Guardiola congratulated with Italian coach for his play, hard to fight and difficult to win.

But in that occasion, finally Pep won against Maurizio. Today Maurizio Sarri is a Chelsea manager and with a attentive and zealous preparation and way to manager the match, take is revenge and won against Pep but not only. Sarri won against Pep but Chelsea won against Manchester City, current Premier League’ Champions  who, now, set back just 7 point.

Sarri came to press conference of course satisfied for the game expressed by his guys and for the winning spoke about the match and about his choice that permitted the winning like, for example Hazard position.

‘We had Eden for the first time in that position – like a striker – and in the first 20 or 25 minutes we didn’t work well in the defensive movements in the opposition half, but fortunately we defended well in our half. We started to press better and after the first goal the game changed’.

‘We played very well in the last few minutes of the first half, and the first 20 minutes of the second, and in the end we deserved to win.

‘We’re very happy with the win, we know it’s not easy to beat City in this moment. For me it’s not easy to win against Pep, as you know, so I’m very happy but now we need to find this kind of motivation and play with this level of determination and aggressivity in other matches, otherwise its useless winning matches like this.’

‘We knew there would maybe be more space for counter attacks, but it wasn’t a total choice to defend in our half.’

He spoke also about Kante and David Luiz who, both played a good match

‘I think Kante scored by chance because they played very close to Jorginho, more than in the other matches. He defended very well and had some good counter attacks. Then he was in the box for the first goal, but today he played in the right position, very close to Jorginho. He played very well.’

‘I have to say I was very happy with him from the beginning. Of course there are matches like this one in which it’s easier to stay on the defensive line because the offensive movements are working very well, and there are matches when that’s difficult, like Tottenham, because the defensive phase of the team is a disaster. Today he played a really good match.’

He also spoke about Alvaro

‘The reason was clear; we played with Hazard as a striker and so if we had to change something there was Giroud. I think it was useless to have two strikers on the bench, I prefer more midfielders because today I was in trouble with wingers, so the only option was Loftus-Cheek.’

And to finish he also spoke about the gap with Manchester City 

‘I think it’s impossible to close the gap in one season. You can play one match but in a competition of 10 months it’s very difficult. I think they are the best team in Europe. We won today but we have to say we were a bit lucky in the first 25 because they could have scored.

‘I’m very happy with the win because it’s very diff to win against Guardiola’s team. I know they are a step ahead, we have to work to cover the gap. We will try and I’m very happy.’


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Loftus Cheek

Ruben Loftus-Cheek, after goal scored against Fulham, his fifth goal of the season spoke about the game who played today of the match “It was a tough game, with a new manager for them; they were looking more solid. We needed that second goal to get that cushion, as they looked dangerous at times.”

He also spoke about his situation, the midfield has played just 472 minutes: “When I get the opportunity, I try to do my best. Today, I got the opportunity after I did well on Thursday so I tried to do my best and got the goal”

“The manager told me to do my bit offensively but also make sure I do my defensive work as were dangerous especially towards the end.”

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Sarri conference


Defeat against Tottenham is just a bad memory, because Blues, after the perfect Europa League’ reaction against PAOK, won the 27th London’ derby winning again against Claudio Ranieri’s Fulham.

Sarri showed himself to press of course satisfied for the result, very important for the standing but also for the mentally especially after defeat against Spurs that turned off grit and enthusiasm.

“I think today it was really very important the result, we started very well. Then after 1-0 the players had a good application of attention, but we didn’t kill the match. But today we were a little tense, nervous“.

Of course it wasn’t easy the days after Tottenham for me and the players. But we have talked too much about that much. We lost it after three months and a half, it can happen. It was important to react. In the mind of the players there was only the result“.

“I think we were in control of the match. But I think we were nervous, so it wasn’t easy to play. The team was really very applicated on the pitch. We could have done better in offensive phase, I think. But we were tense. At 1-0 you have to keep the result”.

The Italian coach also came back to speak about defeat against Tottenham.

“I think against Tottenham 11 players played very badly. It was natural to give them another chance”.

About Kante, about his today’ performance and about his tactic quality.

I think he played very well, he defended very well. He needs to improve a little more from the tactical point of view, but that is natural. Last season he played with two or three midfielders but in central, so he needs to improve.

Today was better, because when the ball was on the other side of the pitch it was better. He has to stay very close to Jorginho, otherwise it is a problem”.

Spoke also about Loftus-Cheek who did a perfect performance in UEL and about Morata and Giroud who came back in a good period.

About Loftus-Cheek: “In the last three weeks he has solved me problems. In the Europa League it was the best performance from the tactical point of view. I put him on the pitch without problems and sure about his performance”

About Morata and Giroud: “They need to only find continuity. Morata had a good period, Giroud is in a good period. Of course it is normal that sometimes it is Morata, sometimes play Giroud. That is normal”.



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Giroud after the double against PAOK spoke about the goals scored, the confirmation that French needed to have enough elements to find the confidence to come back at the top.

But as the forward said, the real target of the evening was come back to the win to react after Saturday night’ defeat.

The main target was to win, we needed a strong team reaction and we did it well tonight. I am really happy with the team spirit and we can move forwards now and start some new momentum”

About yesterday night French admitted he was in confidence with that kind of play and praised his team-mates who assisted him and who with shared good vibes’ night.

He went in score against BATE in the last match of Europa League, and he also scored against Tottenham, in the last Premier’ match finished for 3-1 in favor of Spurs.

“I’ve scored goals in the past but it’s true that I was waiting for more chances. You need a bit of luck in front of goal”.

I had a good assist from my team-mates, I love this kind of ball behind the defence. Four goals plus a clean sheet, a good night for us. When the manager starts me I try to give my best, do my part”.

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The perfect evening for Sarri and co who console after the bad saturday night at Wembley against Tottenham.

Giroud’ double opened the match, in the second half arrived the first senior goal for the 18-year-old Callum Hudson-Odoi who scored and also assisted Alvaro Morata when at 78′, after three minutes from his entry into the field, went in goal scoring the poker and his 6th goal of the season, first one in UEL.

Sarri smiling obviously satisfied for the results and he he declared himself happy expecially because was hard find motivation after qualification already conquered.

“I think we approached the match very well, so I am very happy with this. The last three matches we had problems with this. This was really very good. Before the match we knew were in the first of the group after the BATE result, so it wasn’t easy to find a big motivation”.

He didn’t know who choose among Greek players but appreciated number 10 “I don’t know. I have seen only three or four matches from PAOK. So it is difficult. I like very much the number 10. I have to study again the other matches”

He spoke also about his scorers of the night, Giroud, little Hudson-Odoi and Alvaro.

Sarri laughed after the question about the ‘non sense’ yeld of Morata: “I don’t know. His attitude is not a problem for the group. In training he is doing very well.”

The Spanish after his goal against Arsenal in August has crossed a black out period, without go in score for five matches and playing not too much. The forward ended up at the centre of market rumors.

Sarri spoke also of Giroud who finally came back after a long flat period: the French, unlocked in the last UEL’ match against BATE, scored again in the last Premier’ match against Tottenham, the only goal scored in the defeat against Spurs before the confirmation of his return with the double of tonight “I think it was really very good, as was the pass of Cesc. It was a very good goal”.

About the young Hudson-Odoi who, maybe conquested European stage expressed appreciation saying himself happy for his goal that will give him confidence but italian coach is also cautions and doesn’t get unbalanced.

“I think that he played very well but the type of match was for his characteristics. They had ten men after seven minutes, he is able to play in this and I want to see him when we have to play more in the defensive phase.

“The goal will give him confidence, like Giroud and Morata. I am very happy with this. Two strikers scored and that is very imporant. I don’t know if he is able for the Premier League at 18, especially in a big team”.

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Eden Hazard is one of the main protagonists of Chelsea as new manager Maurizio Sarri showed he has confidence towards the Belgian international. The 27-year-old has a lot of reasons to be proud of this start season.

Blues’ supporters are constantly worried as Hazard is kicked by opponents on a regular basis. Following the goalless draw between Chelsea and Everton at Stamford Bridge last time out, Hazard was stopped and interviewed:

“I am feeling the wear and tear” he said.

“I have been playing football as a professional for more than ten years now. I am not happy about it (being a target), but it’s part of football”. 


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Joe Cole expressed his thought about Mateo Kovacic. The former Chelsea star admitted he’s a huge fan of the Croatian midfielder and thinks he he deserves more credit from Blues’ fans.

Cole said: “He’s different class, he’s not a prolific goalscorer from midfield but when you watch him closely, what he does is drive with the ball”.

“So teams are set up and straight away that’s unnerving the back four because he’s got that ability to ghost past players”.

Joe Cole also compared Mateo Kovacic with Cesc Fabregas and thinks that the Croatian international could give something more than the Spainard.

“Cesc Fabregas is a great player but Kovacic gives Chelsea what Cesc can’t do, and that is drive and take players out of the game from a central position”

“And it then allows space for your Willians and your Hazards to receive the ball at their feet. He’s vital to the way that Chelsea want to play”

“But he’s one of those players that when he’s not there, that’s when you’ll notice because he links the play from the defence to the attack so well.”


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Chelsea striker Olivier Giroud was the protagonist of the match against BATE Borisov. His header gave to Chelsea the passage to the next stage of the Europa League.

The Frenchman, who spoke at the end of the game, admitted the best thing to get from the clash is the result.

Giroud sais: “The best aspect is the result, I think. We didn’t play very well. I didn’t like the first half. We moved it too slowly. We could have been more efficient

“We defended very well and they defended cohesively so it was difficult to find solutions at times and stop them on the break.”

He also spoke about his goal, the first one of the season: I was hoping to score soon because I came back late from the World Cup and I was lacking maybe a bit of efficiency and luck but you always need to keep working hard and keep the faith and that’s what happened tonight”


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Another wonderful result as Maurizio Sarri‘s lads cruised to 3-1 win against Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge earlier today.

The Blues enjoy a result that sends them into the 2nd place with Liverpool. Only Manchester City, who won for 6-1 against Soutampthon, remain ahead with just two points more.

Alvaro Morata‘s double and Pedro late strike sink Crystal Palace. The Eagles had found an equalizer with Townsend in the 53rd minute. The Spaniard put the ball towards the lower-right corner, controlling it from a corner kick. Pedro close up the match with 20 minutes left to go, well assisted by Marcos Alonso.

Morata is finally getting his confidence back, coming back to his best shape. He missed a clear chance, which would have been an hat-trick, trying to score with a lob which was delivered straight to Hennessey, failing a poker for the Blues. Chelsea extended their unbeaten run to 11 matches with victory at Stamford Bridge. So far so good.

CHELSEA (3-4-3): Courtois; Azpilicueta, Christensen, Cahill; Zappacosta, Kanté, Fabregas (88′ Pedro), Alonso; Willian, Giroud (72′ Morata), Hazard (88′ Bakayoko)

CRYSTAL PALACE (4-3-3): Hennessey; Wan-Bissaka, Kelly, Tomkins, van Aanholt; Townsend (81′ Lee), McArthur, Milivojevic; Schlupp (75′ Riedewald), Benteke (46′ Zaha), Sorloth

SCORERS: 25′ Willian (C), 32′ aut. Kelly (CP), 90 van Aanholt (CP)

BOOKED: 50’Costa (C), 68’Benteke(Cr), 73′ Milivojevic(Cr), 78’Cahill(C), 83’Luiz(C)

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Blues’ manager spoke after today winning against Burnley. Chelsea has triumphed blatantly away with a poker at Burnley’s home where blues won for 0-4 thanks Morata, Barkley, Willian and Loftus-Cheek scores.

Start to speak about the match, not too easy in the first minutes:“The match wasn’t easy in the first 10 minutes. They started very well and started very aggressive. They pressed in our half and we were in trouble, then we started to move the ball very well. We managed the match better than other matches so it seemed easy but it isn’t, no at the beginning. We defended better than the last three matches, apart from the first 10 minutes. We played very well and so the results was a consequence of the performance”.

About Alvaro Morata who scored his third goal of the season in an unhappy period:”I really happy for Alvaro because in this moment I think he needs to score, I happy for Ross, for Loftus, I am little bit disappointed for the misses chance of giroud because Giroud miss at the moment just the score”

“I think that Alvaro today played well. He went to the ball when it was necessary. I think he played a very good game. Probably he could have scored more as he had three of four opportunities, but he scored a good goal. I think the last three or four matches can be a good start for him.”

Talk also about Ross Barkley who scored a beautiful goal from the distance, talk about his condition improved after the injury:

He’s doing very well in this period. He’s improved in the defensive phase and he has improved his physical condition because the last season for him was very difficult with a very serious injury. He stopped the activity for six months.

Now he’s improving the physical condition. He’s a very good player from a technical point of view. He’s improved the defensive phase. Now I think Ross is complete.”

He spoke also about injuried Hazard and about Pedro. About Hazard he expressed his wish and hope to have him back as possible as soon.
“I want him every match if possible because we have a lot of good players. Hazard offers something different. I am very happy as the team was able to score seven goals in two matches without Hazard. That’s a good sign. I want Eden as soon as possible. I’m not sure for Wednesday but hopefully for Sunday.”
While about Pedro who has forced to leave the field during the match“I don’t know excatly. I spoke with the doctor for a few seconds and he said it was a very strong stomachache.”




Chelsea defender and captain Cesar Azpilicueta made his 300th appearance last evening in the Blues' home victory against Man City at Stamford Bridge, with goals from N'Golo Kante...