Lampard on Gerrard’s future: “Good move for him”

Lampard on Gerrard’s future: “Good move for him”

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England team-mates: Lampard and Gerrard

As we all know Liverpool captain and legend Steve Gerrard decided to call time on his Reds career after agreeing to join LA Galaxy in the MLS next summer.

Another legend, this time from Chelsea, revealed in an interview he supports his friend “Stevie” in this decision.

We’re talking about Frank Lampard, who took the same decision last summer, joining New York City Football Club after ending his wonderful adventure at Chelsea, but eventually ended to play the whole campaign at Manchester City, who shares the owner with the Big Apple “soccer” team.

Lampard claimed in a recent interview to the Liverpool Echo:

I’m pleased for Stevie. I think it’s a very good move for him. What more can he do at Liverpool? He’s had a fantastic career

“I think only individuals know the right time for them. I wasn’t sure about my time as a Chelsea player.

“The decision got made for me. When the decision is not made for you, and you have to make it yourself, then it’s more difficult”

“Only he knows that and I think at the minute I would say yes because what more can he do? If not their greatest player, he will be right up there with the greatest players ever”

I think maybe there’s a time at the club, when I look back at my time at Chelsea, and that Chelsea will move on and carry on

“I am sure Stevie will look at Liverpool and see it the same way. Then you look at yourself and think ‘how can I finish in the right way’.. and Stevie will do that.”