Allardyce: “Chelsea deserve to win”

Allardyce: “Chelsea deserve to win”

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According to the West Ham manager, Chelsea should win at Stamford Bridge on Sunday and be crowned Champions because they fully deserve it

Allardyce hit out at comments made by Arsenal fans describing Chelsea fans as boring and called it a disgrace especially coming from teams weaker than Chelsea. He said:

“As far as I am concerned, as a Premier League manager, it is a disgrace to call a team like Chelsea boring. They have played some of the best football in the League this season and, just as importantly, they know because of their manager what they have to do to win a trophy or a title.”

Allardyce laughed off at comments such as the ones from Arsenal fans and added:

“Chelsea is clearly best team in the Premier League by a country mile. They’re 13 points clear for goodness sake and there should be nothing but praise for what they have achieved this season in the most difficult league in the world. “