Cahill talks about season, blues’life, disappointments, wishes and gol

Cahill talks about season, blues’life, disappointments, wishes and gol

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Cahill talks about his season, about his Blues’ life, disappointments and his wishes. He knows how about particularity of Chelsea’ supporters and he also know that sometimes happens that there’s someone criticizes him and talks also about this.


Despite often he’s at centre of market rumors, he wants still prove how determinant and determined he is also in relation to criticism.

“I’m sure the club bought me at that stage to be a squad player”

“For £7million and the fact I’m English and qualify for home-grown, 100 per cent, you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to realise ‘ok they’ve brought me in to be one of four or five’. That’s the feeling I got when I came here. But I can remember how determined, how hungry, I was to make this a success”

“The majority of Chelsea fans have been unbelievable to me, but there is maybe an element of five per cent always thinking ‘get the next best thing in’ or ‘move him on’. I can feel that in a certain percentage. It always seems to be that when someone is signed, it’s ‘oh Cahill’s on his way”.

“It always seems to be that when someone is signed, it’s ‘oh Cahill’s on his way’. I’ve had that for as long as I can remember being at this club. Last year, John Terry was captain off the pitch but I was captain the majority of the time on the pitch and yet I’m hearing ‘Cahill might be fighting for his place’.


Cahill was once again written off during Chelsea’ bad period but he came back on his place: 

“I find it tough to be left out, to sit there and not influence anything. Thankfully, now I’m back in playing and at level where I feel I should be, whereas before I feel there were a few games when I was very disappointed in my game.”


Cahill is exciting for the FA CUP Final, especially because, during the last one Final he couldn’t play ‘cause was injury:

“100 per cent, it’s the one that I’d like to win on the pitch,” said Cahill. “I was really disappointed last season because we won the League early and, rightly so, it was a relaxed atmosphere.

“We enjoyed the rest of the League and tried to switch on the week before to play the final, and I think we put up as short a performance in that game as we had all season. I felt like it was one we let slip away that we let get away.

“So I feel blessed at the minute that we are gearing up for another one and it’s one that could save a big chunk of the season. However you dress it up that final is a huge, huge game.”


Ucl’ qualification or winning of Fa Cup? “I know that it is vitally important for the club to be in the Champions League, in terms of everything, and it’s something that Chelsea is used to being involved in”.

“But a trophy is a trophy and you are talking to an Englishman who knows the meaning of the FA Cup and has watched the FA Cup since I have been small. Maybe it’s different for the foreign lads who come over, I’m not sure. But, for me, the FA Cup is huge. It’s a tough question, but a trophy is a trophy.”


England manager has doubts over Cahill ahead of the World Cup and for 32-year-old be a part of that team is a big gol despite difficulties expecially after his left out during last friendlies matches 

“I spoke to the manager and I have got a good relationship with him,” said Cahill. “That’s personal, but I respected him for speaking to me before finding out elsewhere. And that was then, and it is what it is. No problem”

“Clearly I was disappointed to not be involved, especially when I have been involved for the last seven to eight years and played in the majority of the qualifying games to get to this tournament. So, of course, it was disappointing.

“So if you are asking me am I capable of going to the World Cup, I feel personally yes I am. If you’re asking me if I’ve got the CV or the experience, then yes, but that is my opinion and the only opinion that matters is obviously the manager’s and his assistant.”