Premier League reveals agent fees

Premier League reveals agent fees

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Premier League have revealed the amount of money paid to football agents between October 2014 and September 2015.The team from Stamford Bridge took fourth place in the ranking.

The definition of an “agent”, as in rule A.1.9 of the Premier League Handbook, defines an agent as:

“any Person who qualifies as an Intermediary for the purposes of the FA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries as they may be amended from time to time”.

Between the period of 1 October 2014 to 30 September 2015 a total of £129.86million was spent by the 20 current Premier League clubs on agents.

Since June 2008 all English clubs are obliged to publish the total amount they paid to authorised agents in the specified time period ( which is the period 1 October of the previous year to 30 September of that year ) with the two transfer windows included.

AFC Bournemouth £2,328,862
Arsenal £11,928,584
Aston Villa £4,986,058
Chelsea £11,961,206
Crystal Palace £4,719,931
Everton £4,479,432
Leicester City £4,057,727
Liverpool £14,301,464
Manchester City £12,429,380
Manchester United £13,881,814
Newcastle United £5,946,031
Norwich City £2,484,285
Southampton £5,391,172
Stoke City £5,308,545
Sunderland £3,404,540
Swansea City £4,250,030
Tottenham Hotspur £5,987,052
Watford £1,620,229
West Bromwich Albion £3,342,217
West Ham United £7,049,001
Total £129,857,560