Scudamore admits not wanting Chelsea to win the league

Scudamore admits not wanting Chelsea to win the league

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Premier League Chief Executive Richard Scudamore says he hopes Chelsea don’t retain their Premiership title because it is good for the league to have different clubs winning it.

Chelsea regained the Premiership title by finishing eight points clear of second place Manchester City but are currently in 15th position after a terrible start to the season. Jose Mourinho recently described chances of the Blues retaining their title as “impossible”.

The London Evening Standard quotes Mr Scudamore as suggesting that that is not a bad thing for the league.

Scudamore said:

“No disrespect to Chelsea, we like the idea that the champions are not the champions next year,” Scudamore admitted.

“We like a new name on the trophy every year because it shows the competitive dynamic of the league.”

Chelsea are only one of five clubs to have won the Premiership since its inception in 1992, along with Manchester United, Manchester City, Arsenal and Blackburn Rovers.