Technology “in five years”

Technology “in five years”

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Video technology could be installed in Premier League matches within five years, according to the Dutch FA.

Despite a 12-month delay in trialling the new technology, Gijs de Jong, operations director at the Dutch FA, said that the technology will be used in the not-too-distant future:

“I think it won’t take more than five years, that’s what I expect,” he said.

“It is frustrating because we said to them, will it be used in 20 years? Everyone says yes. Will it be used in 10 years? Everyone says yes.

“Then when you say will it be used in one year they say, no we don’t think so.”

The calls for new technology to help referees in the Premier League have grown increasingly louder in recent weeks – in March alone there were two incidents of mistaken identities when red cards were awarded.

Although both issues were sorted after the games, West Brom manager Tony Pulis, who saw defender Gareth McCauley wrongly sent off instead of Craig Dawson against Manchester City, said: “If we can help referees with a 30-second call-back option, twice a game, it would stop us talking about them.”

De Jong believes that every mistake increases the warrant for video technology – and in turn can increase the speed at which it is introduced. He added: “When we get some good examples like we’ve had in the Premier League and Champions League, then hopefully it’ll speed up and we do reach the five year period.”

However, the release of this new technology won’t be until at least next year. In February, the International Football Association Board pushed back trials in competitive games by a year.