Diego Costa blames Christmas exertion

Diego Costa blames Christmas exertion

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Diego Costa was a key-player for Chelsea in the last season © Francesca Ceciarini

“Diego Costa blamed the Christmas fixtures as a cause of their early Champions League exit.

While in Spain, Diego Costa talked about the Christmas fixture list in England, and said it took its tool within the team resulting in an early exit in the Champions League.

Premier League is the only football league in Europe that makes players play during Christmas festive period and Diego Costa said:

“Maybe the Christmas exertions have taken their toll. We played three matches in seven days. It’s no excuse though. I’m sure next season we’ll go further in the Champions League.”

Diego spoke about the difference between la Liga and the Premier League, he added:

“I take a beating constantly, just like in Spain. But I’m not complaining. They go in hard, but also you don’t get the free-kicks you do in Spain. Sometimes defenders try to target me and put me off my game, but my self-control is getting better and I just try to do my thing.”