Hazard is Chelsea’s Cristiano Ronaldo, says Rio Ferdinand

Hazard is Chelsea’s Cristiano Ronaldo, says Rio Ferdinand

Former Manchester United and England centre-back Rio Ferdinand believes Eden Hazard has been crucial in Chelsea‘s title hopes as ‘improved his movement’.

He told The Times: “Not since my Manchester United team with Cristiano Ronaldo in his pomp have I seen a side counter so quickly, so efficiently and with such devastating effect,” 

“Hazard has improved his movement and, of course, he is Chelsea’s ace, just like Cristiano was ours”.

When asked about his memories of the Belgian star on the pitch, Ferdinand added: “Playing against him, I found that when he received the ball his awareness of where people are was brilliant and his low centre of gravity meant he could roll people”.

“Patrice Evra is small but a superb specimen who used to physically dominate wingers because of his strength, speed and low centre of gravity. But then he came up against Hazard and you were thinking, ‘Wow, this kid – you don’t want to be coming up against him too much, Pat!”

Ferdinand ended: “Pound for pound, Hazard was the same shape, strength and size and he was rolling Patrice inside and outside.”