Hiddink: “It’s up to Hazard to step up”

Hiddink: “It’s up to Hazard to step up”

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Chelsea boss Guus Hiddink © Francesca Ceciarini

Guus Hiddink press conference ahead of FA Cup clash Chelsea v Manchester City:


TERRY “John won’t be fit for this weekend, he worked with the physio, yesterday and today was on the pitch, but he still got too many problems.

“I hope he will be available next weekend.

“We must be careful, maybe he will come back next weekend.

“Of course I’m disappointed because he’s the leader of this club and this team, but I am not going to complain because the guys that are playing in that place are confidence, and in Paris they showed it.

MIAZGA – “He is fit, he had a good pre-season, we will do some tests today, I think is fit, he’s ok”.

OTHER INJURIES” Falcao is still off, with the physios”.

HAZARD“It is not about just attitude, he was in a difficult situation, but he needs to step up, we had small conversations on how to step up to the next level, and we hope he can step up as soon as possible. Sometimes in the games you can see the old Hazard and we want to see more frequently.

“It’s up to him to step up”.

MIKEL – “He’s got the feeling of responsibility and I think he is handing on that, we prepare the team on the training, we prepare the team in the team meeting, and the execution is there, with more responsibility

MAN CITY –  “I won’t do many changes, because we take this game very seriously, we have a serious approach to the FA Cup, we have a lot of interest in that, so let’s see what happens on Sunday”.

FA CUP: WAY TO GO INTO EUROPEAN COMPETITIONS“The 4th spot is very difficult [to reach], so let’s go for the FA Cup. Yes, I won all of the games I played in this competition

“I would play the FA CUP midweek you can have a lot of attention, until you go to the final steps, semifinals, final…that games have to be played in the weekend. we have a very tight schedule so of course I don’t like replays, but for the smaller club is a a big adventure, and for them is good to have another chance”.

MAN CITY -” I think they were a bit unlucky in the last games, but a big team always reacts, so we are a warned”

IBRAHIMOVIC in the PREMIER LEAGUE? –Zlatan has been a star player for many years, he has been in big results in big clubs, it’s up to the clubs who would like to sign him”.

HAZARD 2 “I haven’t spoken with Eden, because I let them rest after the PSG, I had a short conversation with him, but he’s very keen to extend his contract, he’s happy here, but of course I don’t want to go into much attention of it, but he would like to step up as well

“I think we will encourage him, and talk to him like we do with other players. It’s up to him, I don’t want to focus too much on that”.

2009 FA CUP“It’s something from the past it’ a big achievement for the club and everyone that was involved, including me, the prestige is huge in England but also worldwide“.

BABA RAHMAN“He’s a gifted player, he’s a technical player, tactically going forward but there is no problem because very calm when he is playing on the ball, he has to progress in the defending part but of course I talked to everyone, also to him, and he’s focusing in progressing there.”

YOUNGSTERS“If Man City will put youngsters tomorrow I’m sure they will play at 110%.

“Maybe we will play some youngsters too, like Bertrand Traore is so ambitious, he’s training well, learning every week, and when you put him in it’s not easy to play them, it’s not true that if your opponent play some youngsters you have an easier game, it’s not always true.

HIS CONTRACT – “What we agreed with the club for my position, we stay with that”.

PATO ( Question by CN24) – “He can play 9 or wide, he’s been in his pre-season for 2-3 weeks, and we see what happens. this afternoon we have a reunion with people working with him, he’s getting fitter and fitter, we what are the results of the tests we did today , where he can come in”.

TARGETS “When I came in December the first target was to climb up the table, second one was to go into the FA Cup final, so this game is important for us.”