Azpilicueta: “Pedro is hungry to get trophies”

Azpilicueta: “Pedro is hungry to get trophies”

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Cesar Azpilicueta Pedro Chelsea

Cesar Azpilicueta scored yesterday the goal that, at the end of the game, brought the first three points of the season to Chelsea, his first goal in the Premier League.

The Spanish defender was obviously satisfied after the game and also spoke about the latest additions to the Blues squad, Baba Rahman and Pedro, his Spanish fellow-mate was also the man of the match:

Their arrival will help everybody. We will have more competition and that can only benefit the club.

“I know Pedro very well and knew he would fit very well in the team. I know his ambition, he is hungry to help the team and to get trophies. But to start like that in his first game is amazing.

“Pedro is a top player. He played for Barcelona for many years and will fit into the Premier League and our team. He knows a few of the players already and I think he is going to do a really good job.

“He has trained with us for only one week. He has just played his first Premier League game and has already scored. So I’m sure he will get better.”

Azpilicueta continued: “He doesn’t need any advice from me. He has won the World Cup, the European Championships and three Champions Leagues. He has all the experience. 

“Of course there are a few details about playing in England, there are a few differences like the pace and how the opposition always push until the end, especially when they are losing. There is not much to say to him, honestly. He scores goals, he does everything!”

The left back was also asked if the new arrivals felt like a warning to the squad and he claimed: “We know in football you can’t rely on what you did in the past, you have to prove yourself every day. 

“We won the League last season, but we have to show in every game and every day in training that we are ready to perform in every game.”