Cahill on Mourinho:”Of course all of the group is behind the manager”

Cahill on Mourinho:”Of course all of the group is behind the manager”

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Chelsea defender Gary Cahill has no doubt that Jose Mourinho is able to  turn around  their disastrous season and lead the team to success. He insists that squad are still backing their coach no matter what the press says about it.

Cahill told Standard Sport:

“Everyone knows we have had a slow start in the League. We are expecting to turn that around. I have never been as hungry to do that.”

“We need to keep going and trying to get momentum. It is all about winning a series of games, certainly not losing and then everything will come with it. We will get more confidence, so we have to keep building.”

“We know that if all our players are at their best we can get back in that top four. That is the reason why it’s been so frustrating.”

“We have top players and no one becomes a bad one overnight. It is a matter of turning it around but it is about making it happen.”

‘‘This season I don’t think there’s hardly anyone who has not been left out at some stage,’’

”‘I’ve not been treated differently to anyone else. I want to play every game. Of course, the times you do get left out, you have to respond in the right way. One minute I was captaining England and then missing the next game.’’

”‘It’s a natural thing for a club to do when there is a period of not so good results, to back the manager,’’

‘‘Of course we back him. Of course all of the group is behind the manager.”

‘‘But — and I mean this in the most respectful way — he doesn’t need to be backed by us. When you’ve achieved so much in the game and won as many titles — not just in this league — he doesn’t need our backing. That speaks for itself.’’