Cahill:”I’ve had a bit of a nightmare since the start of the...

Cahill:”I’ve had a bit of a nightmare since the start of the season”

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Chelsea centre back Gary Cahill has revealed, that he hopes that his luck changes during England’s upcoming Euro 2016 qualifiers.

Cahill has suffered two facial injuries since start of Chelsea pre-season. First he sustained a facial injury during the clash against Barcelona than he broke his nose during the match against Manchester City.

Cahill told Football Association :

”’I’ve had a bit of a nightmare since the start of the season.”

”We played Barcelona pre-season and I scored the goal in the last minutes of the game, heading over the keeper, but by doing that he’s come out and punched me straight in the nose.”

”It’s started from there, then I disrupted it against Arsenal, then against Manchester City I got smashed in the nose again and broke it twice in two places.”

”It’s not ideal but that’s the situation and it’s better that I wear the mask and play than not wear it and have to sit out.”

”I’ll wear the mask to protect it until it’s healed, when it’s healed the mask goes and I carry on as normal.”

Talking about the Euro2016 qualifications, he said :

”We have to concentrate at the back as you don’t see as much of the ball,”

”They are strange games, but as professionals we have to go out and do the job and there is no bigger incentive for us than to qualify for Euro 2016, and also to keep our unbeaten run going.”

”That’s very important and we want to win as many games consecutively as we can. Football is all about concentration, especially for us at the back.”

”There will be long periods of the game where we don’t have much to do, so we must stay focused and be respectful of the fact that teams can hurt you if you make mistakes.”