Courtois: “We have to start to win our points and come back...

Courtois: “We have to start to win our points and come back on the table”

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Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois spoke to Chelsea TV after the win against Sunderland:

“Maybe this was not the biggest win of the season, but today we had to win this match.

“With all that happened this week and after the defeats against Bournemouth and Leicester we had to win, Sunderland was just one point below us, so it was an important victory.

“I guess the first half was very good, in the second half maybe we were a bit too nervous, but I think it was a good performance today and we showed that we can play good football and let’s hope now we just go up to the top.

“Today there was a different atmosphere in the stadium, I think the first goal helped to get everybody behind the team, while the second goal helped to settle the game a little more, we could be a little more in control, we didn’t have to go and search for another goal, we could play our game and that was better. Then we scored the third one and we could control the game.

“Yes, I was busier in the second half and I needed to be concentrated because in games like these they always to play on long balls, and every time you have to be there, to save the ball, be careful and concentrated. Everybody at this level should be 95 minutes concentrated.

“I am getting better every day: against Bournemouth it was my first game [after the injury] so it felt a bit weird to be back in the goa, back in the stadium l but now I think I am going back to my best form, I feel better every day, I think the medical department did a great job, especially the physios: we worked amazingly together, that’s why I was back so early in training.

“The Premier League Christmas run? Well, in Belgium we play until the 26th and we have a few days off, in Spain we played until the 22nd and then we had a week off. As a football player maybe you like some weeks [off] as a break to recharge the batteries, but we know in England is like that and the fans love it, so we are professionals and we like to play our games, we are used to it. I think it’s better that this year we are playing the 3rd of January, not the 1st like last year. So for us it’s not a problem, we work for that and we want to play our games.

“I think today’s game was a confidence boos for us, I hope we can win the next game, then we go to Manchester and we know that that is a top game, we have to be prepared for those games, big games are coming up, we have to start to win our points and come back on the table.