Diego Costa reveals which is the most skillful mate he’s ever had

Diego Costa reveals which is the most skillful mate he’s ever had

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Chelsea striker Diego Costa reveals that Manchester City Sergio Agüero is the most skillful mate he’s ever had.

I had the opportunity to play with Sergio Agüero at Atletico so I would have to say him,” he replied when asked in a recent interview “He’s a very skilful player.”

Costa also admits that he is not the most skilful player himself, but he claims that to identify and develop personal strengths is the key to progress in a football career.

“Every child starting out has different abilities and they have their own skills and techniques. My advice would be to pick what you’re best at and develop that, without losing your focus. For example, I could say that tomorrow I will get the ball and start trying to do lots of kick-ups but I would be lying to myself because I’d be trying to do something which isn’t my strength.

“The idea is to keep working in order to improve. In my particular case I feel that when I train well during the week then I will have a good game at the weekend. If I’m not training so well that probably shows in the game.

“Some other players are different, they might not train so well but in the match they express themselves differently and play really well. I just try to work hard, run a lot, be physically prepared for the game at the weekend and do my best.