Fabregas on Pedro: ”He was fantastic.”

Fabregas on Pedro: ”He was fantastic.”

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Chelsea midfielder Cesc Fabregas has no doubts, that Pedro brought a new quality to Chelsea. Fabregas praised his friend for a great debut.

Fabregas said :

[He was] Fantastic. I knew straight away he would make an impact in this team because basically it was something that we didn’t have in this team,”

“It’s basically a player that goes behind defenders, that can dribble, goes one against one. He goes behind defenders and stretches teams.”

“On the side we have Diego and Remy that do that but on the wings with Eden and Willian, they like the ball more at their feet.

“I knew straight away the mentality of this guy is fantastic and I’m very happy for him.”

In his opinion, Chelsea showed today that they will count in the race for the triumph in the Premier League:

“Yeah, I think as a team we did. We are the Champions, we have to perform.”

“We have had our difficult moments but I have always said soon we will be at our best individually and collectively. We are still no there but today showed the character, honour, pride of this team never goes and it was much needed.”