Fifa medical chief backs Carneiro in her legal case against Chelsea

Fifa medical chief backs Carneiro in her legal case against Chelsea

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The head of Fifa’s medical committee Michel D’Hooghe has revealed that he is going to back Eva Carneiro in her legal case against Chelsea and Jose Mourinho.

Axed Chelsea doctor Eva Carneiro is suing the club for constructive dismisal after an incident that took place on 8 August in Chelsea’s opening game against Swansea when Carneiro and head physio Jon Fearn were called on to the pitch by referee Michael Oliver  to help Eden Hazard. According to the Portuguese coach such a behaviour was unnecessary, because it endangered the team in the game with a reduced number of players. After the match, Carneiro and Fearn were axed from Chelsea’s bench.

Fifa’s medical committee chairman Michel D’Hooghe admitted that he is in contact with dr. Carneiro and intends to support her in her lawsuit against Chelsea.

D’Hooghe said:

”Of course I support Eva Carneiro,”

”She did her job, she did her duty – when somebody is medically in trouble she has to intervene. Of course she has my support and the whole medical committee’s.”

“I have had email contact with her and she is very happy with the global support of the medical world in football.”

He has also admitted that he will gladly help dr. Carneiro in finding a new job:

”I can imagine in the short term she might have some problems with that but with her personality and her competence she must certainly have a great future and if I can help her I will.”