Forlan: ”I hope Pedro doesn’t regret his decision.”

Forlan: ”I hope Pedro doesn’t regret his decision.”

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Former Manchester United player Diego Forlan has the feeling, that Pedro might regret making the decision to join Chelsea.

In Forlan’s opinion, Chelsea is a team built with money, while Manchester United is one of the biggest clubs thanks to its policy. The Uruguayan is convinced, that without a rich owner, Chelsea would never achieve such a success.

Forlan wrote in the National :

“As a player, I know who’d I’d choose if Manchester United and Chelsea came in for me.”

“One is one of the three clubs biggest in the world; the other is a club who’ve grown because of a rich owner.”

“But I always remember my old captain Roy Keane before a game against Tottenham Hotspur.”

“He said: “Tottenham think they’re a big club and they are in London, but they’re not really a big club, they don’t compare to United.”

“Chelsea are the same. When I moved to England they were not a team which came close to winning big trophies. Money changed them.”

“I was always going to Manchester, a city which would become my home. I didn’t regret that. I hope Pedro doesn’t regret his decision.”