Former Chelsea player warns not to underestimate Mourinho

Former Chelsea player warns not to underestimate Mourinho

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Former Chelsea left-back Wayne Bridge has warned everybody not to underestimate Jose Mourinho because the Portuguese coach is capable to win this season Champions League and shut the mouths of all his critics.

Bridge told the London Evening Standard:

”You wouldn’t say it on current form but it would be a great story for a team that doesn’t do too well in the Premier League.”

”To go and win the Champions League – it’s something he [Mourinho] is capable of – but it’s a very big ask at the moment.”

”But with Mourinho being there you can never underestimate what he can produce,”

“I think they will progress. He [Mourinho] can always produce when he needs to and I keep saying it week in, week out – it’s going to change for them at some point.”

“It’s a big game when they need to produce and he’ll make sure that all the players are ready to go out there and win the game.”

”I think it’s something that will – I wouldn’t say rescue their season – but it will definitely help as they’re struggling so much in the Premier League.”