H. Redknapp: “Mourinho’s tv rant was unbelievable, he doesn’t know how..”

H. Redknapp: “Mourinho’s tv rant was unbelievable, he doesn’t know how..”

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Former Spurs, Portsmouth, West Ham and QPR coach Harry Redknapp criticised Chelsea manager José Mourinho in his column on the Evening Standard for the Blues boss’ declarations after Southampton’s defeat.

Here the article in his full:

I could not believe that Jose Mourinho would bring up being sacked from Chelsea in a post-match interview. They have started badly but it didn’t enter many people’s minds that they would sack him having won the title less than five months ago.

You don’t talk about that unless you are under severe pressure. You expect questions on it when the media have got the bit between their teeth. But they hadn’t for Jose, not really.

Instead, we are talking about a manager who, until this season, would have been widely seen as the best manager in the world. Now, suddenly, he is talking about getting the sack. That rant to Sky television was just unbelievable. To blame the referee for not giving Chelsea a penalty when Southampton should have had two nailed on was strange.

Maybe there is an issue over transfer policy. But they have spent fortunes on players since he’s been there. No manager could be in a stronger position to demand who he signed this summer than Jose.

He had just won the Premier League and signed a new four-year deal. If they were bringing in players he didn’t want, he would surely say something about it before it was done. He can’t complain about his team. They are nearly all world-class players. He has to get on with it.

But, then again, he’s not used to losing. Now he knows how the rest of us feel. Even Arsene Wenger has times when he has been under pressure and getting grief.

Jose almost doesn’t seem to know how to react because he has never experienced it before. But, believe me, bringing up the idea you might get sacked in public is never a good idea.