Hernan Crespo:”From Mourinho I take his methods of motivation”

Hernan Crespo:”From Mourinho I take his methods of motivation”

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Former Chelsea player Hernan Crespo is about to start his first senior role as Modena coach. Crespo gave an interview in which he assured that working with Jose Mourinho was an important experience for him.

The Argentinian striker who played in Chelsea under Jose Mourinho reveals that in his new work he will be inspired by the many of his former trainers. Among his role models, Crespo mentioned, Chelsea super coach Jose Mourinho.

Hernan Crespo told La Gazzetta dello sport :

I learned above all from three of my coaches: Ancelotti, Mourinho and Bielsa,”

“From Mourinho I take his methods of motivation, as nobody fires up the players like he does. I admire Ancelotti for the rapport he creates with his lads.”

“As for Bielsa, he’s fantastic when it comes to improving a player technically and tactically. When I was with him for Argentina, I learned so much.”

He said also few words about his expectations as a coach at Modena :

“I feel ready for this and am not afraid of getting burnt. I will observe the players at my disposal before deciding on a tactical system.”

“I can say that my idea of football is high intensity, aggression and playing the ball to feet. I don’t like those who just hoof it up field and hope for the best. We must own the pitch.”

“I promise Modena fans that we’ll guarantee effort, hard work and sweat. The supporters must see us run and fight. It requires commitment and respect for the people who pay good money for tickets.”

“We have to give heart and soul, just like my friend Rino Gattuso did for Milan.”

Former Chelsea player is currently in charge as head coach of Serie B club Modena.