Hiddink is annoyed in order to the difficult schedule of Blues

Hiddink is annoyed in order to the difficult schedule of Blues

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“We have a tight schedule, Norwich on Tuesday and then Stoke and PSG. Surprisingly the Everton game was put on a Saturday instead of a Sunday”; these have been Guus Hiddink releases after the match against Southampton at Saint Mary Stadium.

After the next two Premier League games facing Norwich and Stoke, the Blues are going to play the paramount match against Paris Saint Germain on 9th of March at Stamford Bridge; on the 13rd they would have played another League super match against Liverpool, but it has been postponed. The odd fact is that on saturday 12nd – one day before the postponed one – has been arranged the FA Cup Quarter Final against Everton.

“Normally – continued then Guus – we should have played Liverpool on the Sunday. I don’t know who has decided that, all of a sudden, the Liverpool… It was astonishing that people could change the kick-off time”.

A strange and certainly debatable decision, but now Blues have to bite the bullet getting ready for the storm of tasks.

Given that Pedro, John Terry, Kurt Zouma, Radamel Falcao and Alexandre Pato should be out for more than just a game, better not to dwell on it too much and carry on.