Hiddink on Guardiola to City: “Premier League is different from Germany or...

Hiddink on Guardiola to City: “Premier League is different from Germany or Spain”

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Guus Hiddink commented the signing of Pep Guardiola by Manchester City:

I think people were expecting this since his exit from Bayern Munich was announced, I think for young managers to act in this league is beautiful.And he will face another league than he’s used to.

“You have always this kind of domination at the teams he’s worked at before, and no one can achieve what he did. England is different from Spain and Germany because there are not dominant teams like there, it’s different but even for him is more attractive. In Spain in September you already know that one between Real Madrid and Barcelona is going to win the league, in Germany there is Bayern’s dominance.

“The big difference is that here you got a big team to play every three days.

“Guardiola is not naif, I know him personally he’s a very stable person.

“When he was playing he was already the tactical leader of the team.I met him once or twice on the pitch, working there with a team who hired the training ground and he was in the second team. He knows the youth as well. He’s very kind, but he’s also a guy that knows what to do.

“The transition to the Premier League is not that difficult because you have, in this case they have, a lot of time to prepare for the new year. They know their plans properly. You can adjust to that. But it’s a new experience, knowing that every week, or every three or four days, there will be huge opposition. But he will know. It’s not his first year in management, and the Spanish guys at Manchester City know this league.”

Hiddink was asked if after this move current Manchester City coach Manuel Pellegrini can go to Chelsea:

“That’s up to Chelsea to decide. What I think of him, not having met him or spoken to him, I admire his approach to football, to his team and to the game, and he’s a well balanced manager. I respect him without knowing him.”