Hiddink reveals how he motivated Diego Costa

Hiddink reveals how he motivated Diego Costa

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Diego Costa was top scorer for Chelsea last season © Francesca Ceciarini

After the game with Scunthorpe United in the FA Cup third round Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink revealed how he motivated Diego Costa to be back at his top level.

According to the Dutch coach, the Spaniard was losing too much energy in skirmishes around the pitch:

“I think Diego Costa has got a very energetic and powerful personality,Hiddink said.

“The conversations I had with the players were not big conversations but small conversations, around training, he focused himself now in what he’s good at.

[Before coming back here] I watched a lot of Premier League and Chelsea on TV, sometimes you lose your energy in things that are out of what you have to be…[I told him] ‘Don’t do that, don’t let people provoke you and let you into traps, just do what are you good at”.