Zouma ”We are determined to do better”

Zouma ”We are determined to do better”

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Kurt Zouma © Francesca Ceciarini

Kurt Zouma talks to Chelsea TV, about trust and the team’s spirit ahead of the Arsenal game today…

Last Sunday Zouma was the pundit, a guest at the canal plus studio for their coverage of ‘le derby ‘ between saint-Etienne, the player’s former club, and their rival Lyon. it is a sign of Zouma’s growth, confidence and Intelligence at the youngster’s early stage of a promising career.

‘It is the second time they have asked me to cover the derby and they think i am the best man to speak about it because I am French and I played for Saint-Etienne.’ he explains.

‘I don’t mind being in front of the cameras at all. it’s an interesting experience. if I have the time to do it then then why not? i can’t say i have thought about doing it at the end of my career yet, i am too young for that! For now i just want to think about thing about playing.’

Being in good form the 21-year-old defender has started each of the team past five games- and 10 of our past 11- Zouma is well placed to analyse the blue’s form, too as they travel to the emirates, with the club longest current of any top-flight.

‘The spirit is spirit in the group is very good and we are all determined to do better than we did in the first half of the season,

we have been playing better for few weeks now.’

The Frenchman was on target as the two sides met in September at the bridge, and talks about the sensation that comes with scoring a goal in different to the one of he experiences when he puts in a brilliant tackle.

‘It really means a lot because it directly helps the team and perhaps the result. we do have defenders who scores a lot of goals, like our captain, so it’s more normal if they score but it’s a bit surprising if I do! To score in a derby was big moment for me.’

‘A brilliant tackle is more normal because it’s your job. when you do a great tackle or you score goal, its gives you more confidence and you feel like you can do whatever you want.’

‘We work at set pieces a lot in training, attacking and defending them.’

Contemplating the moments when he might have a chance to score.

‘sometimes we do exercises where everybody has to shoot and that’s useful.’