Ivanovic reveals what is going wrong at Chelsea

Ivanovic reveals what is going wrong at Chelsea

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Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic has revealed that he knows what are the reasons for the disastrous results of the Blues this season.

After 12 matches in the Premier League, Jose Mourinho’s team occupies disappointing 16th place in the table with already 15 points off top spot. Without any doubts Chelsea are facing a disastrous start to the season and their championship defence seems unrealistic.

The Serbian international has said that in his opinion the team that last season won everything possible in the English league went over to the new season too self confident. However he is sure that the Blues are still able to turn around the season and start winning.

Ivanovic said:

”We didn’t react well after winning the League trophy last season. The only way to get out of this situation is to win, win and win again.”

“No one has seen anything strange in the team. I don’t think any footballer wants to lose a game.”

“It doesn’t matter the situation around you, your job is to win, your passion is winning games.”

“I think all of the Chelsea players approach the game like that. The players are very honest with each other. ”

“We speak a lot, even during the training sessions we try to help and explain things to each other. ”

“Even when someone criticises another one, it is positive. That is important, there is nothing negative. This is a normal situation.”