Keown slams Terry: “Never been a fan, Adams was better”

Keown slams Terry: “Never been a fan, Adams was better”

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Arsenal legend Martin Keown commented John Terry imminent exit from Chelsea in his weekly column on the Daily Mail.

The former Gunners player said he’s never respected too much Terry as a player.

Here are his words:

“I’ve never been his biggest fan. Chelsea need to change and bring in fresh blood. Maybe they need to remove any obstacles. I’ve not worked with him, but I wouldn’t have been wholly comfortable with him as a teammate.

“I don’t know how much I would have enjoyed working with him. I respect that people who played with him admired him. He was powerful in the dressing room, but was he too powerful? Nobody can question what he has achieved on the pitch — he is a Chelsea legend — but maybe he could have gone about some of it differently.”

Asked to sum the former England captain in three words, Keown said: “Adams was better.”

“Managers will still try to take him. Mark Hughes tried to sign him for Manchester City and I’m sure there are managers who will think he can be persuaded to stay in the Premier League. Yes, he isn’t the force of old. But he can still do a job.”