Kevin de Bruyne accuses again

Kevin de Bruyne accuses again

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Kevin de Bruyne said few days ago that as long Jose Mourinho is Chelsea coach he will not comeback on Stamford Bridge. The 23-year-old Belgian seems to be very resentful and continue to accuse Jose Mourinho for everything.

Bruyne spent his last season in Wolfsburg. He scored 16 goals and had 27 assists in all his appearances. He arrived to Bundesliga in January 2014 for £18 million. After his really good season his value has increased up to £50million.

The young player has been ultimately linked with a move to  Manchester City or Arsenal.  But from the words he said for The Express is seems that what he wants the most is to make Mourinho regret his decision.

“I still don’t understand why Jose Mourinho let me leave. I never discussed it with him. I started to play and then it was finished”

“After four months, I asked him to leave. I didn’t want to stay at a club where I wasn’t even playing for 10 minutes. He said it was my attitude in training? It is an excuse he can use.”

“But no-one can say that as they haven’t seen me train. I don’t think that in Belgium or in the Bundesliga they have complained about this.”

“That is the way it is. I am not angry. When I was transferred to Wolfsburg, Chelsea got their money. Everyone was happy.”