Matic on Mourinho:”He always wants to win”

Matic on Mourinho:”He always wants to win”

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Chelsea midfielder, Nemanja Matic admits that he prefers when Jose Mourinho yells at his players than remain silent. The Serbian player refused to comment on the conflict between the Special One and doctor Carneiro.

Matic has admitted that, the silence from the part of Mourinho in Chelsea dressing room after the match against Swansea was simply unbearable. The Special One always voice his displeasure when his players do not fulfill his expectations, but this time was different.

However, the 27-year-old has praised Mourino for his great contact with the players. In his opinion,  Mourinho’s  misunderstanding with  Dr. Carneiro should  be quickly explained and forgotten.

Matic told Evening Standard :

“The manager didn’t speak to us on Saturday. He has done that before and sometimes that’s worse than when he is shouting at us. It is worse when he is quiet with us and it would be better for him to shout!”

“He always wants to win. You can see every game, if he could run on the pitch to play, he would. His character is like this, we know that. We try to do our best to follow him and his ideas. 

“Each game is different. It is emotional. But on the training ground he is a different person. 

“He is quiet, he always speaks with us and we all have a good relationship with him. 

“Every coach has a moment where he is more serious in public and that’s the same for him.

“I have been back at the club for a year and a half, I feel great in the team and have never had a problem with him. I think he keeps control of everything and he is great for this club.”

“It is good to train under him — his sessions are always interesting. I will start to take notes and read more about the game because it is good to compare and to learn. 

“Of course everyone wants to be coach of Chelsea and it would be great if I reached that level one day. Also Benfica is a great club. But I still have 10 years of my playing career left. I’m 27 so have a  lot more to give.”