Mourinho: “Everything is ok with Costa, but in the game he’s not…”

Mourinho: “Everything is ok with Costa, but in the game he’s not…”

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Chelsea manager José Mourinho revealed that his relationship with Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino is really good.

The two coaches have known each other since their time in Spain, when the Argentinian manager was in charge at Espanyol while Mourinho was managing Real Madrid:

“We respect each other, we’ve known each other for a long time.We cannot be close friends because, to be close friends you have to have a certain kind of relationship. But we are friends. We have good feelings for each other.

“Also his technical staff and my technical staff have known each other for a long time too, so relations are very good. It’s the kind of match where the fourth official will have a peaceful time because we are very happy to be seated almost together.

“We met a couple of times after he left Espanyol, when he was preparing himself for the next step. In that period we met a couple of times, but nothing important.”

The two also met last March, in the Capital One Cup final in Wembey, that Chelsea won:

“In that cup final I was so happy with the victory, but I could feel a little bit of time to think about him. Tottenham hadn’t won a title for a long time. Mauricio is still waiting for his first title as a manager. I could imagine that he was very disappointed. So I had a little bit of time to feel for him and to give him a nice word.

“But the team is really good. They kept the players they wanted to keep. I think they brought the right players in. The squad is very good and has a lot of potential. There is no pressure on them, like there is on the other four or five top teams to reach important positions. So they have great conditions to do the magnificent work they are doing.

“When I was in a team where the objective was not to be relegated, in December I was third and it was fantastic. You could go into every match and you know that you can lose. You can bring in young players without problems, even if they’re not ready. You go to play the top teams and if you win you’re a hero. If you don’t win, it’s something very natural. And to be fair, I enjoyed it.”

Mourinho also explained that everything is ok with Diego Costa, after a little discussion they had in Haifa at half time:

“Everything is okay, there is no problem. In the game I told him from a distance, with gestures, that I was not happy with the movement he did. He told me also a few nice words from where he was,” Mourinho laughed. “Nothing happened. Nothing happened at all.

“He’s not reading the game properly in these actions. That was my opinion. As a striker you must read it. You have to play not just when you have the ball, but also when others have the ball. You have to try to anticipate things. It’s just a question of reading the game faster. Everything is an accumulation (of confidence). It’s not because you score one goal against Norwich that suddenly you are again on fire. It will be a process.”