Mourinho will resign if it turns out that the players do not...

Mourinho will resign if it turns out that the players do not trust him

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Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has confirmed that at the time in which he will find out that his players do not trust him, he will leave Stamford Bridge.

According to various reports, which recently could be found in the press, Chelsea players may be in conflict with their Portuguese coach. That is why Mourinho has decided to confront the rumours and cut off all the speculations by asking his players to speak openly about the situation in the dressing room. He also added that if it appears that the players really do not trust him he will leave his post as Chelsea coach.

Mourinho said:

“People can say what they want. You should really ask the players and not go with sources and fake sources, and the players told a friend, and the friend told the agent, and the agent is not happy with me because I don’t play his player.”

“You should go straight to the players. Get our media office to arrange a table at Cobham [Chelsea’s training ground] next week.”

“John Terry doesn’t go to the national team, Diego Costa doesn’t go, Ramires doesn’t go. Ask them.”

“If they tell you they don’t trust me, [that] is the only thing that can make me resign. The only thing. But not fake sources. The players at the table, face to face.”