Nedved amidts top clubs want Pogba

Nedved amidts top clubs want Pogba

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Pogba stayed at Juventus last summer but hinted an exit soon

Paul Pogba has been on Chelsea’s radar for more than a year and it seems the next transfer window will be the right one for him to make the move, and choose one of the top clubs that are craving him.

Ex Czech star Pavel Nedved, now one of Juventus directors, admitted many European top clubs asked info about Pogba – now undergoing a muscular injury-  to the Italian club:

We know that Barcelona and other big clubs want him, but he has a contract with us. As for his injury, while he’s a player of the utmost quality, we should not cry over spilt milk. We have a great squad to make up for the loss”

Chelsea could definitively fit in the other top clubs that Nedved mentions without revealing their names, as the admiration the club and Mourinho got for the French star is well-known.

Probably in the summer we will see a “battle” involving all the major European clubs to sign him, the player value at the moment is around £70m.