Poyet on Chelsea:”Everything is going a little bit against them”

Poyet on Chelsea:”Everything is going a little bit against them”

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Former Sunderland manager and Former Chelsea player Gus Poyet admitted that in recent times everything is going against the Blues. According to his words, Jose Mourinho is now in uncharted territory, facing one of the most difficult tests in his career.

Poyet has no doubts that the Special One has to feel very uncomfortable after another surprising defeats. However he is convinced that even if Mourinho in now in uncharted territory he will find the way to bring Chelsea back to the glory.

The former Chelsea player has suggested, however, that in his opinion, Chelsea problems have already started during the pre-season, not at the start of the new Premier League season.

During the Leaders Sport Business summit Poyet said:

“We are all different and every manager would react differently to the situation. I am different from Jose.”

“It wasn’t expected, that’s the problem. We didn’t expect Chelsea to be in this position. Everything is going a little bit against them. It’s a new situation for the club and Jose.”

“Pre-season didn’t go too well, they lost the Community Shield, then they drew 2-2, the goalkeeper was sent-off, they got smashed by Manchester City and it built up. ”

“I know what it’s like because I was at Sunderland and that happened week in, week out.”