Townsend on Mourinho:“Chelsea players don’t believe in him ”

Townsend on Mourinho:“Chelsea players don’t believe in him ”

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Former Chelsea midfielder Andy Townsend is convinced that Jose Mourinho has lost the faith of his players. According to his words, all the Blues woes are a result of lack of  faith in the Portuguese coach.

Chelsea is currently 16th in the Premier League table which is a result significantly deviating from the expectations of the fans and the players themselves.

While everyone are wondering what is the result of poor form of Chelsea, a former Blues Townsend reveals his theory.

Townsend told talkSPORT:

“Clearly Jose is rattled,”

“There doesn’t seem to be a tremendous amount of harmony at the moment in the squad.”

“One of the greatest strengths he’s always had – I remember speaking to players who weren’t playing under him and they always said he was top class, even those who weren’t getting the game time, they always conceded he was the best.”

“Now, I’m looking at this group and their relationship with the manager and I don’t see that.”

“Jose has a problem and the Chelsea players don’t believe in him as much as they used to. That is showing in both the results and the performances.”