Who are the worst fans in the Premier League?

Who are the worst fans in the Premier League?

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Have you ever wondered who are the worst-behaved fans in the Premier League right now?

We’re not talking about the stadium atmosphere, but about supporters involved in incidents, especially while travelling.

Now you’ve got the answer: the worst fans are those of Manchester United, since they have been involved in more incidents on England’s trains than any of their rivals.

British Transport Police revealed supporters of the Red Devils were caught up in 36 incidents on the rail network during the past two seasons, that is an impressive number.

The second place is taken by their city rival, Manchester City, with 30 incidents. Third place on a not so special standing for Sunderland supporters, who were involved in 28 episodes.

Chelsea fans share the fifth place with Villa fans, with 24 incidents, while Newcastle are fourth with 27 and city rivals of Arsenal and Spurs share eighth place with 18.

Stoke fans occupy the sixth place with 21 and Everton the seventh with 19.

In the Championship Leeds United fans are on the top of the chart with the incredible number of 77 incidents – more than twice the number of incidents involving Manchester United supporters.

Birmingham City are second with 40 and Nottingham Forest are third with 35.

Millwall fans, that were considered very dangerous, are just in the seventh place, sharing it with Derby County, with only 17 episodes occurred.