Zola compares Hazard to himself in his early career

Zola compares Hazard to himself in his early career

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Legendary player Gianfranco Zola has admitted that Chelsea ace Eden Hazard reminds him himself at the early stage of his career at Chelsea. He is convinced that Hazard’s current struggles will have a positive impact in the long run.

Zola told Omnisport:

”Hazard is in a similar situation to I was at Chelsea in my second year,”

“The first year was very good, as it was for Hazard, he did so much, received so much recognition and now the spotlight is on him all the time and this is making everything he does a little more difficult.

“Every player goes through this but in a way I think it will be good for him as it will make him think more about his game a bit more.

“So it’s an opportunity for him to become a better player. He is young and has the potential to be one of the best.”

“From the outside you can see it’s not working,”

“The last game [a 1-0 defeat at Stoke] gives you an idea. They played well but the ball didn’t go in. On the other hand they [Stoke] created a chance and they scored and then they defended really well.”

“If you want to come out of this situation you have to work really hard and stick together.”

“Mourinho is the right person, he has done so much for Chelsea, he has won so much and he has the experience to come through this.”

“He is a good manager, no-one can doubt him. Sometimes seasons don’t go the way you want, that doesn’t take anything away from your qualities.”

“There is plenty to play for, the Champions League and the FA Cup so a season that has not been good so far they can turn around.”

“It’s a good opportunity for Chelsea to be stronger.”