Zouma: “Mourinho never leaves us in the s**t”

Zouma: “Mourinho never leaves us in the s**t”

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Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma analysed the team’s difficult moment with The Sun, and stated that manager José Mourinho has been very honest with his squad and always took his responsibilities:
“What’s good is that he tells us we’re all together, if things are going badly there’s a problem with everyone.

He doesn’t leave us, how shall we say, in the s***, in the poo, and we’re always together.

“He’s very close to his players, you sense he loves his players.

“Even when things aren’t going well he’ll say: ‘Listen lads, things will be OK’. He believes in us.

“Keeping your confidence is the most important thing — with confidence you can do anything. That’s what we tell each other.”