John Terry: My best moment at Chelsea.

John Terry: My best moment at Chelsea.

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On Thursday Chelsea captain John Terry took over the clubs official Instagram account, describing his finest moments as a Chelsea player after recently celebrating making it to 700 appearances for the Blues.

Terry, 35, is a one club man and has always had Chelsea in his heart since signing 21 years ago. During his Instagram take over Terry described his top 5 moments since signing at Stamford Bridge. Included in this was when he signed for the club aged just fourteen, when he made his debut for the club in 1998, when he first captained the side, just three years after his debut and winning his first league title and the clubs first in 50 years in 2005.

But number one on Terry’s list was of course that night in Munich. Terry said “I saved the best until last! I often get asked ‘how can it be one of your best moments in football when you didn’t play?’ I still had a big part to play in the build-up to it. Champions League final don’t come about every season, and, after Moscow, I thought my time had gone. To be able to see the Chelsea fans, the whole squad, achieve what we set out to do on that special night, was the best by a long, long way.”

Chelsea fans will be hoping Terry will be offered a new contract before his expires at the end of the season.