All eyes on FIFA

All eyes on FIFA

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The FIFA congress has started at 8.30 UK time in Zurich. Besides the most important part which is the voting for the new president of the Organisation there are still many others items in the agenda.

All eyes of the football world are now concentrated on the capital of Switzerland where 209 assosiations  deciding about the future of the organisation. The most important voting will not begin before 4 PM and it will take several hours to find out the new president-elect. However since morning hours some important decisions has been already made.

Alfredo Hawit of Honduras has been appointed the new president of Concacaf, as the former president Jeffrey Webb was arested and dismissed on Thursday.

At the beggining Palestinians wanted to suspend Isreal from Fifa due to the fact that they are still not able to create their own national team. However there has been some mediations that brought the head of Palestininas FA to withdrawn it’s bid.¬† Jibril Rajoub: ”I look forward to the day in which Palestinians, like many others, are enjoying the benefits of the game. Let us look forward and be optimistic. I count on you to vote now, and I thank those who convinced me to drop the suspension [of Israel].”

Already high temperature at the Congress raised false bomb alarm that cause the evacuation of the entire building.

Due to on the biggest corruption scandal in the history of football Sepp Blatter in his opening speech said :

” Today I’m appealing to unity and the team spirit so we can move forwards together. It may not always be easy but it is for this reason we are together today. We are here to tackle the problems and solve them. We may not be able to do it in one single day.It will take time but we will do it with you, the representatives of the member of associations. You have power and the duty to change FIFA.”