Mourinho has strong desire for the title

Mourinho has strong desire for the title

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Kick-off at 1.30pm in Stamford Bridge, against Alan Pardew’s Crystal Palace, for a match which could see Mourinho’s squad crowned as Premier League champions.

Today, as all Chelsea fans must know, could be an unforgettable day. Winning the title at home in Stamford Bridge with three matches in advance.

Mourinho got bunch of experience in these situations around Europe, from the season 2002/03 he won two Primeira Liga with Porto, two Premier League on Chelsea bench, two Scudetto with Internazionale and one title in Spain as Real Madrid manager.

About his previous triumphs said: “The titles in Portugal were big because Porto was coming from a very difficult moment, finishing fifth the season before when in Portugal in the last 20 years, the title was normally shared by two teams [Porto and Benfica].

“In Spain it was fantastic because that was a period of real dominance by Barcelona, and Real Madrid had to do it with 100 points and we had to win in Barcelona’s stadium near the end of the season.

“The ones in Chelsea were fantastic because it was the beginning of Mr Abramovich’s era with no title before that. Now, for me, it is a great feeling because it is my club, because of the league and because we are not any more the rich club. We are a top club but a club that lives from the work everyone does in this club.”

Then focusing on today’s afternoon, he reflects: “I have experience of his Newcastle when it was one thing for them to play against Chelsea and one thing to play against other teams,” notes the Blues boss. “Maybe it because Alan is a Chelsea fan. He told me a lot of times that as a kid he was born near and he grew up as a Chelsea fan, but obviously he is a professional and he wants to win.

“The reality is that when Alan’s teams play against Chelsea, they play a different match, so I am waiting for that, I am waiting for a Palace going with everything.”

So prepare your place wherever it will be, at the stadium, in a pub or on your comfy sofa. This is something that deserves to been watched.