Mourinho: “It was a good training session”

Mourinho: “It was a good training session”

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Jose Mourinho is grateful for the lack of injuries after Chelsea’s 1-0 defeat to Fiorentina tonight, and described the game as a “training session” in his press conference following the 1-0 defeat to Fiorentina tonight. 

On how his team are playing ahead of the new season, Mourinho claimed to be satisfied.

“I am happy where we are. “

On Radamel Falcao, who put another poor performance following the 1-0 defeat to Arsenal on Sunday, Mourinho said that he was happy with the form the Colombian was showing. He went on to speak about his counterpart Paulo Sousa, Mohammed Salah and whether or not Diego Costa will be fit for next Satuday’s match against Swansea.

“He is very good (Falcao) for the situation. He has only had one week of traning, and not many minutes. I took him off at the right moment and I am very happy with the revolution.”

When asked about tonight’s opponents, Mourinho continued:

“It isn’t up to me to comment on Fiorentina but I thank them them for a good training session.”

“Paulo doesn’t need me to speak about him. He is doing his career and nobody gave him anything for free. Some people of his generation got big jobs for nothing.”

“He (Salah) has arrived at a good club like Fiorentina because he has done something good. I have no idea about Salah, all I know is that he left a few months ago to play for Fiorentina to play games because that is the objective of a loan.”

On Costa’s fitness:

“I don’t risk my reputation again, you asked me before the last weekend and I told he was ready to play, but he wasn’t. I don’t know, ask me on Friday and I will tell you for sure. I really don’t know.