Mourinho: “No sense of anticipation, we are calm”

Mourinho: “No sense of anticipation, we are calm”

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Mourinho’s press conference before the weekend who could see Blues win the title in The Bridge.

“We want to finish as soon as possible and if it will be this Sunday even better, but there is no sense of anticipation we are calm. We know what we need for the title.”

On injuries situation he remarks “Diego Costa will not play because doesn’t worth the risk, we want give him all the time he needs to recover perfectly with no rush. But if we will have a serious need then I’ll let him play.” Also said that “Remy is back.”

“Chelsea this season has been at the top in every ranking, wins at home and away, goal scored and conceded. We have been on the top since day one, that is a difficult task in recent football history.”

About next season preview he said “Next season the top squads will have new few top players joining the already big current players, and the competition will be much more difficult. I want to fight for the title, but there is a great risk on not finishing on top four so our aim is to finish in the top four spots.”

He doesn’t reply to taunts about Wenger and boring Chelsea accusations.

Speaking on Drogba he assures his beliefs on his always trusty striker “When I signed him I was expecting to see him playing a lot of matches due to all the situations a season lets you face; injuries, many competitions, performances. He had big impact with some important goals, that’s what we were asking to him.”