PFA Team of the Year is short of Chelsea players

PFA Team of the Year is short of Chelsea players

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‘They should have all been in it,’ said Mourinho. ‘I think it should have been the Chelsea team. I know this is the Chelsea manager speaking, and obviously I respect every one of the players in that team, and especially everyone that was chosen.

‘The players from the other teams have the right to choose, and obviously great players were in that team, and great players were outside that team. But, just as an example, the season Fabregas is doing, the number of assists and quality of his game… not to be there is a bit strange.

‘And I think that team wouldn’t win the Premier League, because that team is four defenders, Matić and only five to attack. So it’s a team without any balance. That team is missing a midfield player, and I think that midfield player should be Fabregas’.

This is how Mourinho, in his usual sarcastic and caustic way, reacts on the nomination of the Professional Football Association’s Team of the Year. Although six of his players are named in this special team: Ivanovic, Terry, Cahill, Matić, Hazard and Diego Costa.

This is the line up
The line-up