The Sun:Granovskaia saved Mourinho’s position at Chelsea

The Sun:Granovskaia saved Mourinho’s position at Chelsea

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According to the Sun, Chelsea’s club director Marina Granovskaia has convinced Roman Abramovich to trust Mourinho and do not release him from the position of Chelsea coach.

The paper claims, that Granovskaia who is Abramovich’s right hand at the club  Chelsea’s owner counts with her opinion had a great impact on the decision to let Jose Mourinho continue his work as Chelsea’s coach.

Portuguese coach found himself under fire because a disappointing start to the Premier League season and average performances in the Champions League. Information on his dismissal appeared in the media for a long time, until the club owner decided to support the Special One and has ensured that Mourinho will not leave Stamford Bridge in the near future.

According to the Sun, Chelsea’s club director Granovskaia had some key arguments when the board met last month  which caused that Mourinho has maintained his position as coach.

Someone from Chelsea’s entourage, spoke anonymously, saying :

”She’s brilliant and charming, but she’s formidable, a real asset.”

“Roman makes the decisions at Chelsea, there is no doubt about that, but it isn’t a dictatorship.”

“It’s a very small, tight board structure — effectively everyone reports to Marina who reports to Roman.”

“Marina knows Roman’s pressure points. She knows how to hit them and how to avoid them.”

“You need to know how to communicate with Roman. He asks direct questions and he expects direct, succint answers.”

“He will soak up those answers, form a view and one day, whether that’s in four days, four weeks or four years., he will decide it’s time for a change.”

“If Jose wants to delay the inevitable he has to win matches, be careful what he says in public and even more in private. If he upsets people behind the scenes, he won’t survive.”

“Roman dooesn’t like sacking people, surprising as that sounds. He’s fiercely loyal to those who have worked with him for a long time, like Marina.”