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NEW SQUAD - “It’s up to the new management to do changes, yes or no”

JOHN TERRY- “Of course I spoke to the club about John’s situation, players and ex players are having a lot of influence in the culture of the club, I’m in favor of that, it’g good to have players in the club with big personality.

“I don’t if we can know more before this weekend match, but usually when things are clear, then they come out, the club will do it official as soon as it’s clear

“He’s been already 20-21 years in this club, it’s a huge period, you must cherish those legends for the future as well.”

DIEGO COSTA/ COURTOIS injured - “He will be out, hamstring, Courtois – that was ill for Anfield game- was again on the pitch, he was training, and I think he will be ok for the weekend

QUIQUE SANCHEZ FLORES – I was a little surprised [he was sacked by Watford] I worked a lot with him in Valencia and Madrid, when he was my player he was 23-24, he’s a good guy, a good professional, I don’t know why they took this decision

FRANK DE BOER - “I have known Frank for many years, he was my player in the national team at France 98, in the world cup in France, I like the job Philip Cocu did in PSV, they are champions, they started with youngsters, Cocu is similar to him, and I think they both have the ambition to step up to La Liga or Premier League

EURO 2016 - “A favourite? I don’t usually do predictions, but I might be a supporter of Belgium team now, I have also some English guys, so it’s difficult to pick, but I think Belgium might be a very good favorite.2

DIEGO COSTA INJURED/ EURO - “I think he can be available, he will have a good rest, but with a good traiming he can make it, I am not sure.

HIS FAREWELL ON SUNDAY - “It’s not a definitive farewell, but I will be back- as I said many times before- to help the club and advince them in the development of young players, so it’s not so dramatic.

HIS SECOND SPELL AT CHELSEA - “When they asked me, to be honest, I don’t know if say YES or NO, then I was very pleased to do it, and I am pleased of what I have done. The escape from relegation zone was good, I would have loved to go into the FA cup final, I would have loved to go at least two more rounds on in the UCL.”

DISAPPOINTING SEASON - “We must face the fact that for Chelsea standards this has been a season with disappointment, but we have to go on and be competitive in the next season.

“We were happy with the reaction when we were close to the relegation zone, then when we were mid table we had to set new targets, the Chelsea standard we put to it’s not achieved and we have to be critical of that.”

LEICESTER – “They were reacting very well, they didn’t implode, they could cope with the pressure and they deserved.”

NEXT PL SEASON - “There can be surprises, they can sign good players, there are no more 4-5 teams that compete every year for the title, and I think is good for football.”

YOUNGSTERS’ DEBUT – “Youngsters must deserve the debut, it’s a huge step from the academy to the first team, they have to make a step, like Traore did in the last months, he’s got a great mentality, he’s not afraid to come in, the other ones have to make the step as well

ChelseaNews24 asked to Hiddink which YOUNGSTERS he would advice to keep to develop with the FIRST TEAM and which ones to go on LOAN, he replied to us:

“I guess to make names is not fair because then you put pressure on them, but I guess that at the beginning of the season the new staff will select many of them to do the pre-season, and there you can see after a couople of weeks who deserves to stay and who have to go.

ACADEMY PLAYERS - When academy players train with the first team, then they start to knock on the door, they must the experience to train as much as possible with the first team, and then it’s natural

MIKEL DEFENDER - “Once we were out of the relegation zone we had to deal with injuries in the defense, so we had to reshuffle Mikel had a good half season, so he had to play as a defender, he wasn’t in favorite position, but he showed he could that as well.”

INJURIES – Ivanovic was on the pitch, but not fully fit, we have to see tomorrow

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Ruben Loftus-Cheek celebrates his first goal with Chesea first team © Francesca Ceciarini

Asking to comment Chelsea technical director, Michael Emenalo, words on the players that came out of Tottenham academy, Guus Hiddink explained that the process to make it into the first team, especially in a big club, is not so easy as external people can imagine.

The “final step” is always the most difficult, especially if you are in a top team, that one of the reasons why Chelsea, that got a really good academy, didn’t bring many players into the first team in the past years:

“I don’t know exactly what Emenalo said, but it’s difficult to comment,” Hiddink said.

“At Spurs they have started a process to grow their own players twelve-thirteen years ago and Harry Kane came out of that, of course. At Chelsea the demands to be first team player is very high, you must have a very good recruitment department but it’s not easy in big clubs, it’s difficult to make the last step. Of Course Chelsea got good youngsters, they won many trophies, also around Europe, and that means that the average quality is ok, but you must ask yourself if among them  you got 2-3 players that in a couple of years can make it in the first team.

“The youngsters, like Tammy Abraham, often train with us and you can see them how they grow in a short time, how they improve also their resistance, yesterday we had three-four players of the ones that won the youth League that participated to the training, among them Kasey Palmer, he is often with us. For me they learn much more when they train with the first team that playing with not so challenging teams.”

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Guus Hiddink’s press conference ahead of the clash at Bournemouth:

INJURED PLAYERS-Kurt Zouma is working very hard, Remy is out, Terry is not still available to play, he will travel with the team this afternoon to Bournemouth. He travels because I like people to be involved in the team, he is very committed, he was very annoyed by his injury, and I want him to be the team.

JONH TERRY - “He’s under treatment, I hope he will step up next week. He has to step up at least Thursday, training with the group, to play against Spurs

It’s a long way to go for him to become a manager,  if you gather all the players you’re interested, yu always have a good view of the other side, but first of all I consider him as a player.

EDEN HAZARD - “He is available, he will travel, maybe not the whole game. This week he was training without complaining, he was training very alive, a good signal to participate.

UPCOMING GAMES - “We’re not in the middle of the focus, I said to the guys that they are still in a big club, in a dififcult season, and you have not to forget also our loyal supporters

“Players motivation? When we play games in training they are fully committed to win, so Chelsea will try to win all the remaining wins.”

NEW TOP CLUBS -Everyone is in favour to see Leicester being champions

“If you have a wise and smart [players] recruitment maybe you have good players for 1 million or a little more, then maybe the pass 3-4 years in the club their value is 20 million, of course the demand of a big club is very high, it’s not that easy, but sometimes you find what you call a white horse.

“In some club you don’t have very good players, good players not superstars, but they got also very strong team spirit that give you the appearance to be unbeatable.”

BOURNEMOUTH -It’s not easy to come from Championship and to keep them in the Premier League is even more difficult, they kept on doing well, that’s an example of a good English manager and what he can do. He’s a good example of how he can manage it.

“Leicester got a good management, probably a good transfer policy, when you can from the bottom to the Premier League it’s always respectful

EPISODES - “I watched to game Bournemouth won at Stamford Bridge, yes, it’s true, their winner was offside. But at the end of the season you got compensation in those episodes, like the equaliser Terry scored against Everton, it was offside too.

BAD SEASON - “I watched that game and I wondered how Chelsea, the champions, could lose like that. The club wasn’t used to situations like this, it’s a new negative experience. 

“Next seasons many teams will have the possibility to sign very good players, so it will be tougher for everyone.

SQUAD MOOD - “When results are not good during the season, of course there is a different mood, when we went out of the Champions League and Fa Cup of course something changed, automatically there was a little less “sparkle” to perform at the top. We have to go into the last games with a lot pride

EMENALO/ACADEMY - “I don’t know exactly what Emenalo said, but it’s difficult to comment…Harry Kane came from Spurs academy, of course. At Chelsea the demands to be first team player is very high, you must have a very good recruitment department but it’s not easy in big clubs, it’s difficult to make the last step. Of Course Chelsea got good youngsters, the average quality is ok, but you must ask yourself if among them  you got 2-3 players that in a couple of years can make it in the first team.

PATO and FALCAO“Pato and Falcao with Costa? I have to make my fair judgement and give them the opportunity they deserve in the games, in January we had many problems and only Diego Costa was available, then Traore came and did well, Pato came on loan and he took a while to play because there was competition.

CHELSEA TOP YOUNGSTERS - “The youngsters, like Tammy Abraham, often train with us and you can see them how they grow in a short time, how they improve also their resistance, yesterday we had three-four players of the ones that won the youth League that partecipated to the training, for me they learn much more when they train with the first team that playing with not so challenging teams.”

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Ruben Loftus-Cheek celebrates his first goal with Chesea first team © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea interim boss Guus Hiddink spoke about Blues youngsters in an interview to the club official website.

The Dutch coach always stressed his interest and pleasure in growing new talents, a thing that he would like to help with also in the upcoming season, since Blues academy is one of the best in the world.

He claimed that in these last games his wish is to give the youngster more playing time to give them the experience they need to start next season, that will be really important for Chelsea after this disappointing campaign:

“It’s important to understand that he must get used to the intensity of the games,” said the manager about Ruben Loftus-Cheek.

“The last game against Villa, he had a cramp on 70 minutes but rather than substitute him, we let him go to have this experience. When there are more tight games in the score, when you’re 1-0 down, then we have the right, and I will do so, to change whoever it is”

“I said after the Aston Villa game that it was a good win, but we have to take into consideration that the opposition was, with all respect to a big club like Aston Villa, different to what you are normally confronted with in other games.

“I said we should see what we can do in bigger games and it was a bigger game [against Swansea] because of the importance of the game for Swansea. Then you can make a good judgement about any player who is playing and who came in.

“I hope [the young players] don’t get used to [losing]. They must get used to winning and try to be in a winning situation always. In the long run of a competition you have a defeat, but there must also be a reaction. You can almost see, in big games and after big games, how they react.”

Ola Aina, Kasey Palmer and Charlie Colkett were named on the bench for the first time against Swansea and Hiddink sai they can chances to make their debut with the first team in the six upcoming games, citing the case of Bertrand Traore as an example for them.”

Traore could have gone on loan in the winter and I talked to him and said it would be better to stay half a year and he wished to do that,” the Dutch manager explained.

“We made a programme with him and he responded very well and made good progress.

“First, in training you must make this progress because if the gap is too big I don’t want to put him in a big pond and he is drowning. He has to keep up to that level. These three guys you mention are the same – they are now participating as much as possible in our training sessions.”

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Chelsea are leading 3-0 at half time in the FA Youth Cup semifinal second leg against Blackburn at Stamford Bridge.

The U18 won 1-0 in the first leg away and now are leading 4-0 on aggregate.

Dujon Sterling scored the first goal at minute 13: a beautiful finish after a stunning pass by Mukhtar Ali.

Then followed the goal by Jacob Maddox at minute 30′ and Tammy Abraham at minute 35′.

A couple of minutes before half time another goal by Abraham was disallowed for offside.


CHELSEA – Baxter; Grant, Tomori, Clarke-Salter (c), Chalobah; Sammut, Ali; Sterling, Mount, Maddox; Abraham.

Subs: Colley, Wakefield, Cumming, Christie-Davies, Ugbo.

Coach: Joe Edwards

BLACKBURN - Fisher: Travis, Askew, Hardcastle, Platt, Wharton (c), Pemberton, Rankin-Cabtello, Mansell, Tomlinson, Howarth.

Subs: Grayson, Ascroft, Fawns, Magloire, Steer.

Coach: Billy Barr


Scorers: Sterling 13′, Maddox 30′,  Abraham 35′

Referee: Gavin Ward

Venue: Stamford Bridge, London, UK

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Manchester United and Chelsea Under 21 sides drew 1-1 tonight in U21 Premier League game at Old Trafford.

The goals were scored by Palmer for Chelsea at minute 17′ and bye Weir for Man United at minute 60.

Chelsea are still fifth in U21 Premier League Division One table with 27 points but got four games in hand, Man United are second with 38 points, 5 under Sunderland that is top of the table with 43, but with three games in hands.

MANCHESTER UNITED - Johnstone, Riley, Williams, Jones (Redmond 75), Borthwick-Jackson, McNair, Varela, Love, Young, A.Pereira (Rothwell 88), Weir (c)
Unused Subs: J.Pereira, El-Fitouri, McTominay

CHELSEA - Beeney, Dabo (c), Tomori, Clarke-Salter, Aina, Colkett, Quintero (Colley 65), Ali, Abraham, Palmer (Feruz 72), Mitchell
Unused subs: Baxter, Sammut

Scorers: Palmer ‘17, Weir 60′

Yellow Cards: Clarke-Salter, McNair, Riley, Love

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Chelsea captain John Terry is delighted by the fact that some Blues youngsters are having their chance under Guus Hiddink:

“It’s great to see because Chelsea have come under criticism in the past for not bringing enough through,” Terry told reporters.

But the manager’s showing that he’s got faith in the younger players. He’s rotating in some big games to give the young boys a chance, and more importantly for me they’ve come on and done great as well, which not only helps their cause but also the younger players as well because it gives them belief that within the Chelsea dressing room there is still hope for the academy.

I watch all the games. I’ve watched the under-10s, 12s, 15s, the youth team, the reserve team, and we’re doing great. We’ve done great in the [UEFA] Youth League and we won it last year, so the quality is there within the academy.

There’s been a lot of investment in the academy so not only do the players want to come through, the owner wants to see it as well. We’re slowly starting to see that.

Chelsea will face PSG next Wednesday trying to comeback the 2-1 obtained at the Parc des Princes.

Terry is not sure to be fit for this crucial clash due to his hamstring injury, but Guus Hiddink revealed he will be tested tomorrow ( Monday) to see if he can get a chance:

“We’ve come back from worse results in the past,” he claimed.

With it at 2-1 we still obviously have a great chance at home. Those nights at the Bridge are unbelievable, so let’s just how it’s another big night and we can progress.

“We went out to them last year but it’s not about revenge at all, it’s about progressing to the next stage of the competition and we have players who are hungry and have had a lot of disappointments in the competition that want to go further.

“It’s going to be a good game. They’re a good side as well, they showed that in the first leg, but hopefully we’ll have enough to go through.”

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Ruben Loftus-Cheek celebrating his first official goal with Chelsea against Scunthorpe © Francesca Ceciarini

Ruben Loftus Cheek signed a new five years contract with Chelsea.

The midfielder joined the Blues as a child and now extends his deal until 2021.

His first words after putting pen on paper:

“I’m delighted to sign a new contract at Chelsea and my focus is on working hard in training every day in order to push on and establish myself in the team. It really means a lot because this shows the club believe in me so I’m really happy.

“The club have done so much for me since I started here as an Under-8 and now I want to repay the faith they’ve shown in me with my performances on the pitch.”

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Chelsea have agreed deal to sign Ajax wonderkid Juan Familia Castillo, according to the Daily Mail and other British media.

The Dutch talent was a Manchester United target, but it seems that current manager Guus Hiddink played a key-role in signing the Holland U16 captain.

The young midfielder spoke to the Red Devils last December but reports of uncertainty surrounding the Manchester United academy convinced him to let them down and eventually join Chelsea.


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Chelsea manager Guus Hiddink © Francesca Ceciarini

Guus Hiddink’s press conference after the 2-0 win against Scunthorpe:

“We didn’t expect an easy game and it wasn’t one,” the manager said.

“The first 20, 25 minutes we played well with high pressure. We scored a beautiful goal. Then we got a little bit sloppy finishing it off. We had two or three chances to make 2-0 and I think the opponent would have lost their energy.

“As long as it was 1-0 they were still in the game. They had a big threat from corners and free-kicks. The threat was actual for us. They made us shiver a bit. There were some vulnerabilities in the second half so we have to improve but these are difficult games. It was their final and it was very important for us to get to the next round.”

Loftus-Cheek played the entire first hald and scored the second goal, other youngsters as Kenedy and Bertrand Traore entered to help the team in the final minutes. Hiddink praised them:

“It’s difficult to rest a lot of players but we brought some youngsters on in the second half. That’s good for them. It’s difficult to know when to bring them on because you don’t want to give them too much responsibility for a result when they are in this stage of this career but I’m happy with their performances.

“I knew their names before but I didn’t work with them on a daily basis. Now I am starting to know them better and you see the possibilities they have and what they have to work on.

“Ruben came on and scored a beautiful goal not just in the execution but in the way he prepared himself for that goal. If you play a midfield with one controlling defensive midfielder and two running players he can play on either side. If you play two controlling midfielders he can play higher up the field.”

Hiddink explained also why Oscar was substituted at half-time and why Nemanja Matic was not even in the squad for this game:

“Matic was injured in training yesterday. A goalie threw the ball at the back of his head from five or six yards away by accident. Yesterday he was a little bit dizzy and this morning too but I was glad to see this afternoon he was better.

“Oscar had a little problem with his toe. He had a small inflammation which was very painful. Nevertheless we would have taken off two or three players to bring youngsters on in the second half.”


Chelsea manager Antonio Conte underlined the importance of striker Diego Costa, who is being heavily linked with a move to Chinese Super League side Jiangsu...