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Manchester United legend Sir Alex Ferguson believes that Red Devils would deserve a better place in the Premier League table as manager José Mourinho ‘is doing a really good job’ at Old Trafford this season.

Ferguson told SiriusXM: “I get on well with Jose and I think he’s doing a really good job”.

“He’s been a bit unlucky because they’ve been absolutely brilliant in most of their home games and drawn [seven of] them. If they had got the wins they deserved they would be challenging for the league, no doubt about that”.

Then Ferguson added: “In the Premier League at the moment, there is a real fight for the positions behind Chelsea – Tottenham, Arsenal, Liverpool, ourselves. It’s not going to be easy to get into the top four.”

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Ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League match against Porto, Jose Mourinho adressed the media during his pre-match press conference. The Blues must win tomorrow’s clash, because if they draw with the Portuguese team it can really complicate their promotion for the next phase of the tournament.

On tomorrow’s game:

“It’s a group phase match which the group has transformed into a knockout match.”

”I’m actually not so concerned about Porto, under these circumstances I need to focus fully on my own squad”

”At the moment we’re taking this as just one match and we need to win it.”

”I think we are slight favourites because we were already prepared for reaching the game in this situation”

Asked a bizzare question if he considers winning the Europa League the only chance to qualify for the next year Champions League:

“I know what you mean … but there is another possibility. Win CL.”

‘We want to play in the Champions League, against the best teams, Barcelona, Real, Bayern.”

“There is such a difference in level of competition that not fair for EL teams to do group stage then get CL teams in February.”

On Chelsea’s disappointing results:

“If you can read well the numbers, you can get good info. Match after match we beat Chelsea records of high-intensity work.”

“In last three matches, we beat Chelsea records for running, levels of ball possession.”

“As a manger this period makes me better because it’s the first time for me, a new experience.”

“After a defeat I wake up the next morning with even more desire to go and work. I’ve found myself to be really strong.”

On so called the ‘football on the moon’ style he recently criticized:

”The numbers do mean something, they are the most important thing after the goals. They show that it is collective responsibility at the moment.”

Asked if he will remain Chelsea’s manager if the Blues go out of the Champions League:

”Winning is the only option. I’m an optimist, you are a pessimist.”

On the problems with scoring goal by Chelsea players:

“It’s clear we’re creating lots of chances and not scoring goals. We are having many situations where it just needs a tap-in.”

On the injuries:

”Falcao is not fit, it was his first time training in a while. He’s still a couple of weeks away.”

”JT and Ramires look fine.”

Asked if he lacked leadership at Chelsea:


On having Abramovich’s backing:

“I don’t think the owner is a person to change with the wind.”

“I know the wind of the results are really strong. But I know he feels I am best to do job. I don’t speak more about the owner.”

”I think I’ve done enough good things at the club for the owner to know the quality I have”

Asked about the words of support, which gave him Alex Ferguson:

”I didn’t read his comments. But he’s my friend and his words are very nice. He is very honest in his analysis and I thank him.”


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Legendary former football manager Alex Ferguson is convinced that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich would have taken a very wrong decision if he decided to release Jose Mourinho in the nearest future.

Former Manchester United coach has praised the Special One calling him one of the best coaches in contemporary football. In his opinion, Mourinho’s release from Chelsea would be the worst possible decision that Abramovich can take now.

Ferguson told Moritz:

”He has sacked so many coaches in the last 10 years that I am sure he has learned by it”

”He has to trust and have confidence Jose can turn it around. There is no point in sacking one of the best coaches of all time.”

”He’s won the European Cup twice; he’s won the league in each country he’s managed in, he’s won the big trophies.”

”It would be foolish to take that step to sack him. That would be bad management; it’s poor leadership, that.”

”I’ve been watching Jose and I’ve spoken to him a couple of times,”

”It’s the first time he’s been confronted with non-success.”

”If you look at his whole career it’s been nothing but a rise all the time, so for the first time in his life he’s had to deal with bad publicity, adversity, and that’s a challenge but there are signs he is getting back to a balanced level even though they lost on Saturday.”

‘I watched the game and they could have won by a few goals, but they lost and you still have to face that publicity, the negative publicity and it’s never easy for a manager in present day football because the media attention is huge.

”Football has become such a big financial industry, television deals etc, the fans. It’s a very high risk job today: the average time a manager lasts now is about a year through the leagues, which is not a big time.

”For Jose, all good leaders will eventually find a solution. He will find a solution and I think he will get back to normal. It’s not looking great at the moment, but I know the guy and work he has done in football and I can’t see it lasting long.”

”Things have been overlooked like (Thibaut) Courtois being injured in first game. That was a big loss. John Terry at the beginning of the season was not having a great time and that is a loss because he is a leader in the team. When you lose two really influential players like, that can make a difference.”

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Sir Alex Ferguson has said that he is just as surprised as anyone when it comes to Chelsea’s poor start to the season. 

The Blues, who won the title last season, have won just two and lost four of their opening eight Premier League games.

It’s the club’s worst start in over 30 years.

However, the former Manchester United boss, who has often spoken of his respect for Jose Mourinho, said that he is sure the Portuguese can find a solution:

For Jose, it’s probably the first time it’s come up, a situation whereby his team is now fifth-bottom of the week. Unbelievable,” Ferguson said to ESPN.

Everyone, including myself, are thinking they were going to be difficult to beat.

“But great managers find solutions.”

The Scot has also praised Mourinho for his post-match rant against Southampton, where are a 1-3 home defeat the 52-year old spoke, uninterrupted, for seven minutes stating why he should be kept as manager.

I think that Jose’s press conference the other day was challenging the owner to support him in a bad time,” Ferguson said.

At times you maybe don’t think you’re getting complete support from everyone, but it happens.

“It’s not always correct, and I don’t think it’s correct what Jose’s thinking at the moment — I think he’s got the support.

“He will find a solution. It may take a few weeks, but you’ve got to remember, he’s lost his goalkeeper [Thibaut] Courtois, who’s a fantastic goalkeeper.

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Liverpool legendary player Jamie Carragher has praised Mourinho for his enormous impact on his players.

Former Liverpool defender is convinced, that Mourinho’s genius is enough for Chelsea, to triumph again in the Premier League. Carragher has stated that in his opinion, the Special One is worth 10 points a season to Chelsea.

According to Carragher, the only manager who could ever compete with Mourinho,was sir Alex Ferguson. Former Liverpool player is also convinced that Chelsea are the favorite in the upcoming Premier League season.

Carragher wrote in the Daily Mail:

“Just as Sir Alex Ferguson used to be, he is now the best manager. Having the best manager is worth points on the board. Jose is worth 10 points a season to Chelsea.”

“They haven’t really strengthened at all, but they don’t need to have the best team — they have the best manager. They can have the equal best team, but Jose is the difference.”

“For me, it’s Chelsea again, ahead of Manchester City. Arsenal have closed the gap, but they are still third best. And then there is one place in the Champions League up for grabs: Manchester United should get it, Liverpool and Tottenham will compete for it.”


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MOURINHO © Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho has said that he would like to manage another English club, should he not be wanted anymore at the Blues. 

The 52-year old, who has recently been awarded Manager of the Year, is in his second spell at Stamford Bridge after rejoining in 2013, following an original stint between 2004-07.

He left in 2007 after an indifferent start to the season, and after admitting that the relationship with club owner Roman Abramovich had become strained.

In his two spells at the club, he has given them their first Premier League title and this season steered the club to their first title victory since 2010.

He has also managed Real Madrid, Porto and Inter Milan.

Mourinho has stated he is very happy at the London side at the minute. But, he has now said that should Abramovich not want him anymore, he would like to stay in England:

The day Mr Abramovich thinks I am not good enough for Chelsea, I want to work, and if possible in England too,” Mourinho told BBC’s Football Focus.

Until Mr Abramovich says, I don’t see myself going,” said Mourinho. “Any club comes to me now and offers me a fantastic project, offers me twice my wages in the contract at Chelsea, no chance.

“I see myself coaching another club, yes, but I love Chelsea and I am in Mr Abramovich’s hands and until then I am here.”

He also told the show that periods of “clear domination” seen in the era of Alex Ferguson’s Manchester United and his previous Chelsea side are no longer possible.



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