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Chelsea are set to face Burnley at Turf Moor on Sunday and manager Antonio Conte, speaking at press conference in Cobham, claimed it will be a really tough game.

“I read with great attention the stats and Burnley have taken 28 points at home and one away, which means they have 29 points and 28 of them have been won at home – Conte said – They won their last five home matches and scored a lot at the end of games”.

“The stats show Burnley are really strong at home. They’re third in the table for home matches, we are first with 33 points, Tottenham are second with 32 and Burnley are third. We must pay great attention, they are in good form and want to beat us because we are top. We have prepared very well for the game and my players know what we will face”.

“This is the second time that we play them, I think Andre Gray is a really good player, he’s very clever and stays in the right position when they win second balls to attack the space in the defensive line”.

“They are a really good team, they play a lot of long balls and put pressure on you when you have the ball. – Conte added – It’s important to know the strengths and weaknesses of the opposition and we have studied them well. When you arrive after games against Liverpool and Arsenal it’s important to give continuity and try to win, but I know it won’t be easy”.

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Chelsea winger Willian has claimed that he lost 4kg as a result of his mother’s death, anyway the Brazilian star is back and fully fit.

“I think I’m back to my best. I went through a problem, everyone knows how hard it was and it really affected me mentally, physically, with my mother’s situation – Willian said – She was hospitalized for almost two months and then died, so that was a very difficult time. I tried not to take it on the field but there was no way”. 

“It ended up affecting me, I ended up losing weight. I lost 4kg after my mother’s death, so it was a bit difficult to get back.

“I lost 4kg without doing anything. It was something that made me a little worried because it shook me a lot.

“Mentally I got very sick but I feel much better. Family and friends gave me a lot of support and it helped me a lot. Now I’ve recovered the 4kg. Today I feel better mentally and physically.”

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Former Arsenal and Crystal Palace Ian Wright believes that Everton star Romelu Lukaku would love a Chelsea reunion, should Antonio Conte place a bid in a near future.

He told The Sun: “If I was him I’d actually get in my car and phone the manager on the way down to London. I’m off. – I wouldn’t even lock the door”.

“This is going to rumble on and if he has to make that decision, he’ll probably leave. As soon as they can quell that talk, he’s settled and everyone else will be settled,” 

Then he added: “There are massive things happening at Everton with the new ownership and money coming in so it’s a very exciting place to be right now.”

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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte believes Hazard, Pedro and Willian have been crucial when he changed the system with a 3-4-3 formation in September.

“I tried to start with four at the back. – the Italian manager told Premier League ShowIn my mind this team could play with 4-2-4 and we tried a lot during pre-season to play with this system,”

“We started this season very well because we won three games in a row. Sometimes you can win but you can see it’s not right. Because in every game we conceded many chances to score to the opponent”.

“I tried to change the system. I tried first of all to give a good balance in my team. Don’t lose offensively, but to have a defensively situation more correct”.

Then Conte ended: “And there were players with this characteristics. When you have a good winger and a good number 10 – Hazard, Pedro, Willian – I knew in my head we can change, we can find this new system”.

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During his interview with Gary Lineker on BBC Two “Premier League Show” Chelsea manager Antonio Conte admitted he initially struggled to make an impact on his team, claiming the players seemed to switch off in meetings dedicated to analysing games on video.

“Honestly, my players, they are not used to it.

“At the start we found a bit of difficulty because after five minutes, ten minutes… [They get bored? – to which Conte nods]

But then things improved and, with them, Chelsea’s results:

“Very difficult but then when we started to see in the right way. When we watch the game, not to find who is the fault because we conceded a goal, no. Only to improve.

“The most important thing for me is to be a team. Every single player must put their talent into the team.”


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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte was the special guest of Gary Lineker on the BBC Two‘s ‘Premier League Show tonight.

Speaking about Diego Costa‘s alleged offer from Chinese Super League side Tianjin Quanjian -who were prepared to part with more than £80 million and offer wages in excess of £570,000 a week – the Italian manager said:

“Diego is a really important player but the siutation is very clear. He’s very happy to fight for the title.

When asked by Lineker if the Spaniard is happy at the Blues, Conte replied:

“Yes. I see him every day. He loves this club.”

Despite being 9 points clear of the second team in the table – Spurs- and the impressive moment of form of his tram Conte was elusive in his response when pushed on his team’s title hopes:

“The Premier League is very tough. It’s the best in the world.”

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Premier League show on BBC Two Tonight asked Chelsea manager Antonio Conte on whether he is confident of winning the league:

No. Now we are on top of the table but, in this league, it’s very tough,” the Italian manager said.

“For me, now, it’s very important to continue to push and exploit this momentum because if you send the right signal for us and not the other opponents it’ll be very important.”

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Ex Arsenal and Boro player Paul Merson now a Sky Sports pundit, made his prediction about next Chelsea game at Burnley:

“When you talk about Burnley, you are talking about one of the best home records in the Premier League – that is some going as not many would have said that at the start of the season.

Chelsea‘s record against teams outside the top six is imperious, though.

“Swansea are the only team outside those top clubs to get a point off Chelsea, Antonio Conte‘s men have put the so-called lesser teams to the sword.

“For as much as I admire Burnley I cannot see past Chelsea, they will have too much for them”.

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Chelsea defender Kurt Zouma has revealed the reason why he was given an unusual middle name ‘Happy’ by his parents.

He told The Mirror that his father was inspired by the movie Kickboxer: “Yeah, it’s true, it was my father. When my mother was pregnant, my father was watching a Van Damme movie. He was killing everybody and fighting everyone”.

“And my father said, ‘Yeah, this one we’re going to call him Kurt because he’s going to be strong and Happy because he’s going to laugh every time.’”

“Now when I see them I say, ‘Daddy, I respect you. Every time I laugh and I’m big and strong. Thank you, Dad.’”

Zouma added: “I am a happy character. Every time, I laugh. You see me laughing every time everywhere, for nothing. You say ‘ABC’, I’m gonna laugh. I fall on the floor. I don’t know why. That’s my character.”

About his injury, Zouma ended: “If you are mentally good, your recovery is going to be better and quicker. That’s my philosophy.

“If you give up and you’re sad every day you’re going to struggle. I keep laughing. I’m still young, enjoy the life. I’m a footballer, I have a great life. So let’s laugh.”

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Manchester United defender Matteo Darmian told Red Devils’ official website that Chelsea star Eden Hazard and Arsenal‘s Alexis Sanchez are the most dangerous players he’s ever faced so far.

“If I have to mention one from the Premier League, it’s difficult because there are a lot of very good players, – Darmian said – We have a lot of very good players in our team as well, but if I have to choose one from another team, I think it’s maybe Eden Hazard or Alexis Sanchez”.

He added: “I think in Serie A, probably Carlos Tevez, when he played for Juventus. I think he was one of the most difficult opponents to play against in Serie A.” 

“He had a lot of things in his game but I think the best thing was his character because he never gave up, he tried to follow every player to take the ball”.


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