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We report from TalkSport an article by a Chelsea fan that is trying to explain why he can’t stand Liverpool, the big rival of tonight’s clash at Anfield.

Why can’t I stand Liverpool? Four simple words get me going. Luis Garcia‘s ghost goal.

It’s irrelevant that Liverpool may have had a penalty/Cech may have been sent off if the goal, rightly, had not been given. The fact is a goal was given that should not have been, after Liverpool had fluked their way out of the group stages, and it took them to a Champions League final they should never have won – but did. As a Chelsea fan, I can’t abide any of that.

Then there is the fact that, off the back of a lucky final win, where Milan should really have seen them off, Liverpool fans have perpetuated the myth that Rafa Benitez is some kind of world class manager.

That’d be like us claiming Roberto Di Matteo is the second coming. 

Benitez, lest anyone forget, destroyed Jose Mourinho’s treble-winning Inter team. He also lasted just seven months at Real Madrid– a Madrid that swiftly went on to win the Champions League and go 42-games unbeaten under Benitez’s successor, a managerial novice no less. And now the Spaniard is down in the Championship with Newcastle. Does that strike anyone as world class? 

Credit where it’s due, winning La Liga twice with Valencia was impressive from Benitez, but he’s been living off that and a fluky Champions League win for over a decade now. He may have achieved more than Di Matteo, but to compare him with the likes of a Guardiola, a Ferguson or a Mourinho is simply laughable.

I couldn’t write something on the Chelsea-Liverpool rivalry without addressing its most famous moment – Steven Gerrard’s slip. When John Terry slipped and cost us the Champions League against Manchester United we were always going to get a load of stick. United fans still sing about it now, they probably always will and we accept that.

So why do I see Liverpool fans crying over us singing about Gerrard? Get over it? Why should we? It seems funny to me how the fans who always sing to us about their ‘history’ want to erase a major part of it.

Oh and one final thing, the fact you’ve won ‘five European Cups and 18 leagues’ – as you’ve been chanting at us for the past 10 years – doesn’t make up for the fact you’ve won just one League Cup in that decade.

Try not to be annoyed by this article Liverpool fans and, if you are, don’t take it out on us Chelsea fans. Instead you should be angry with your team for letting Jesper Gronkjaer score the goal which took us into the 2003/04 Champions League.

This was the moment that ultimately attracted Abramovich to our club and changed the course of our ‘history’ altogether.

Without that Gronkjaer goal we probably would never have had our rivalry and I almost certainly wouldn’t be here writing this article today. Wouldn’t that have been a shame?


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Chelsea could of won the title if they had won today and beaten Leicester on Wednesday

With Chelsea 10 points clear at the top of the Premier League table, many consider the title race for this season to be truly done and dusted.

The Blues’ win over Manchester United ended all but ended the already slim chances of Chelsea being knocked off their perch, but their win wasn’t the easiest – Eden Hazard’s goal just being enough to take the three points.

Chelsea haven’t necessarily played the prettiest football at times this season, with Jose Mourinho’s managing style epitomising the phrase ‘park the bus’. This has shown in the season as a whole as most would say that Chelsea were better at the start of the season. But, at the business end of the season, Chelsea are where they want to be. Mourinho has done the job he was hired for.

An article published on the GiveMeSport website earlier today, however, said that Chelsea didn’t deserve to win the title due to the way they play.

Granted, whatever team the 52-year old Mourinho managed, the football played was never overly scintillating, it did the job. The Portuguese man is, statistically, the most successful football manager in history.

He has one policy, so it seems. It doesn’t matter how you win, as long as you win.

It seems to have worked too… he has won 28 trophies in his managerial career, which include:

The Champions League (x3), the Premier League (x2), La Liga (x3), Serie A (x2), the UEFA Cup and a host of other domestic trophies.

But, this report says that Chelsea’s methods mean that they don’t deserve to win the title, or, if they are to deserve it, they should play better:

“Mourinho has consistently been at teams with the resources and squads to play attractive, expansive football. Not every Championship winning team needs to play like Pep Guardiola’s Barcelona side of a few years ago, or Arsenal’s Invincibles, but when you have the sort of resources like Mourinho has had at Real Madrid and Chelsea, surely it’s a must to not only win, but win well?”

The article then went on to criticise Mourinho’s gameplay – at least it acknowledges the fact that Mourinho has an outstanding record against big teams:

“Chelsea’s squad could easily have matched Manchester United at the weekend, and tried to dominate what is by all accounts a team still in transition. But instead, they played with two defensive midfielders (one centre-back in Kurt Zouma) and deliberately destroyed the spectacle which the game could have been.

“This is a hallmark of Mourinho in big games, and while it can’t be said that it doesn’t work (his record against big teams truly is astonishing), I think it’s a shame that the champions of England this year, despite having the most gifted team, have decided to go down that route.”

The article then went on to state that Chelsea’s choices of tactics were poor ones – despite the fact Chelsea have lost two all season. A team may win ugly, but people don’t remember tactics. They remember winners.

“It’s one thing to shut up shop against a far superior opponent, but it’s something completely different to play this way against a team who, by most accounts, would be considered vastly inferior. It shows a fearfulness which one would not expect from a manager who has won almost everything and is widely considered to be a genius.

“What’s more, I am astonished that Chelsea fans are so supportive of this negative style. How could a team, and their supporters, who consider themselves an entrenched part of Europe’s footballing elite, not even question this style? 30% possession at home against a team with such obvious defensive frailties is truly pathetic, and an insult to managers and teams everywhere trying to play and win games, without sacrificing the spirit of the game.”

But maybe there is a reason for Mourinho’s tactics. 2013-14 season, Crystal Palace vs. Liverpool. In the 77th minute, Liverpool were 3-0 up against a Palace side who had nothing to play for. They played pretty (or, carried on driving the us, to coin a new expression), and they drew 3-3. It was the game that lost the Reds the title.

But apparently, this careful defence of hard-earned victories is a bad idea:

“Chelsea will win the Premier League this year, but them winning it in this style truly is a loss for the footballing world, and it’s a dangerous slope Mourinho is taking us down. Winning so badly, with the resources he has at his disposal, will simply encourage this negativity across world football.”

Who would of thought it? Journalists saying something that isn’t true…




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