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Arsenal-Chelsea, at Chelsea Hellenic Supporter's club
Arsenal-Chelsea, at Chelsea Hellenic Supporter’s club

As every time there is a Chelsea game (Premier League, Champions League, FA Cup) yesterday as well, Chelsea Hellenic Supporters club was open to welcome every blue fan in Athens to come and watch the English team trying to win a very important away game against Arsenal, a game that could help Chelsea arriving even closer to the premier leagues trophy and clarifie to everyone that there is no better team in London, neither in the rest of England.

In a suburb of Piraeus called “Perama” about half an hour away by car from the center of Athens, close to the sea and to the island of Salamis, Chelsea Hellenic supporters club has its own spacious place where every Chelsea fan can watch the Londons blues every time they play inside or outside the island in any competition. A specious place around 300 m2, makes the blues corner of Greece probably the most spacious (300 m2) and prestigious lounge of any supporters club in Europe

But supporting Chelsea doesn’t stop within the borders of Greece. Any time there is an important game of Chelsea fc, mostly home but even away some members of the club are always ready to travel in England and support their blue love while playing

Chelsea Hellenic supporters club, during the half time
Chelsea Hellenic supporters club, during the half time
Hellenic room
Hellenic room


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