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Maurizio Sarri is happy about is first few months in England as a Premier League manager.

The Italian boss, in an interview with Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport revealed what he likes most about English football: “Eighteen games unbeaten, in a competitive reality like ours, shows we’re on the right track. I’m even happier because we’re playing a lot of games and it’s harder to make headway like this”. Sarri explained. “It’s very tight and playing so much takes away some of the work we do in training, but I always knew that would be the case. Right now I’m trying to find middle ground between training and competitions. What won me over and what would I like to improve? The thing that wins you over immediately is the high level of football at fantastic stadiums. There’s an infinite amount of passion and, from what I have seen so far, it’s expressed in the right way”.

Chelsea‘s manager then also underlined an aspect which, according to him, needs to be improved: “The aspect that needs improving is timing. The limited time to train doesn’t help Coaches or players. We mustn’t only think about the physical component but also the mental one.” Sarri said.

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Diego Costa starts the year giving an outspoken interview to Chelsea official website.

The Spanish striker reflects on Antonio Conte‘s fantastic impact at the Blues:

“The manager has come, he’s applied his ideas, and things are going well,” the Brazilian born forward reveals.

“The truth is the manager is good with the players, every time making more jokes with the players. That’s good for us, to have a manager who is not just a boss, but like a person we can talk with, someone whose support we can count on in difficult moments.

“He is calm with the players and you can see the people love him more all the time.”

Diego Costa admitted he was close to leave to return to Atletico Madrid:

“I was about to leave but not because of Chelsea, because here there’s a lot of love with the supporters so I’m very happy here, I’m very content.

“Here, the people love me a lot. There was one thing I wanted to change for family reasons but it wasn’t to be and I continue to be happy here. It was important too that the manager, from the very first minute, said he counted on me.

Costa continues speaking about his season:

“Things are coming out well for me this season, but it’s very important that the team has other players, like Michy Batshuayi, who can do well, and that the manager knows he has good players that can replace me.”

Costa also explains why the good atmosphere is fundamental:

“If you work hard and there’s not a good atmosphere, the work doesn’t mean a thing.

“You can run 20km, 80, 100, and if there’s no spirit between the players, the coaches, as colleagues, it won’t come out as well. Work goes well if you give your best with the guy beside you.

“The team is very good, when we win the atmosphere is like this, but it’s important that during the week we train seriously, so we approach games like this.

“It’s important to keep winning games.

Speaking about the upcoming derby with Spurs, he said:

“Both teams want to win. It’s a London derby so the match is played a bit stronger, but there’s no problem with it. We go there looking to do the best we can.”


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Chelsea manager Antonio Conte had his say about the clash on the terraces between Chelsea and West Ham supporters in the EFL Cup Round Four at the Olympic Stadium last time out.

“Situations like the one that occurred at West Ham last Wednesday are never good – Conte admitted – We need to speak about this and to understand why it happened”.

“I’ve always said and remarked that the stadium atmosphere here in England is fantastic, so it’s a pity”.

It is understood that both sides condemned the riot occurred in occasion of the game.

An official statement from West Ham read: “West Ham United and London Stadium partners unreservedly condemn the behaviour of individuals involved in incidents during this evening’s fixture with Chelsea.

“Whilst quickly brought under control, the club, in line with its clear zero tolerance policy, will work closely with London Stadium 185, the Metropolitan Police Service and Chelsea to identify the individuals involved.

“Once identified, those found to have acted improperly will be banned from attending any West Ham United fixtures for life and we will request the courts serve banning orders to prevent these individuals attending any other football.”

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Chelsea captain John Terry took Instagram this morning to share his feelings about last night game against Spurs with his fans and to congratulate once again Leicester City and old Chelsea boss Claudio Ranieri, that were crowned Premier League champions last night thanks to Eden Hazard‘s goal, but also praised the Blues fans for the incredible support and atmosphere at the Bridge:

“What a game that was last night. Great character from the players to come back from 2-0 down,” Terry wrote.

“The atmosphere was incredible and we know how much that result means to you supporters. 27 years #notonmyshift

“Well done @garyjcahill and @hazardeden_10 on two superb finishes.

“Congratulations Leicester City and all their players, Claudio Ranieri who fully deserve the league title this year.”


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Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel stated that Chelsea is a better place since José Mourinho has gone:

“We’ve moved on and the atmosphere has improved since the change of manager. It’s fine now, we’ve just not been getting results. José is a fantastic manager and will always be a fantastic guy. But sometimes football is a cruel game and you have to move on. He came back to the club a second time and won two trophies but now he’s gone and we have to move on. Is it the right decision? Who knows? We’ll only see in the future.

“He [Hiddink] hasn’t changed much yet but he was here before and he knows the place and all the staff. The players are different – only me and John Terry were here before – but he knows what to do. We’re down there in the table for a reason so he can’t come in and perform miracles but we want to get out of there and climb the table. We’ve had three games now without losing so are making the right steps.”

Mikel cannot explain why Chelsea went through such a bar run:

“I’ve been as confused as everyone else. It’s difficult when you’re not playing, as you don’t really know what the problems are. I wasn’t playing that much under Mourinho so couldn’t put my finger on what was going wrong. It was a collective thing – the players and the manager were not performing.”

Sometimes you could see in the game that they had chances to attack but were a little bit skeptical or hesitant. Maybe they were a little bit scared.

“I don’t think they were really scared but just a bit cautious. They were playing not to lose as well. Because of the fast players we have up front, who can break, they were cautious and approached the game not to lose. Both teams are not in the right place right now to attack, attack, attack, attack. Sometimes you have to be smart and settle for a point.”

On Rooney and Oscar tackle he said: “I didn’t see the tackle but from what I’ve heard it was a bit high. The other players were talking about it at the end and they said he should have been sent off. Oscar is fine though.”

For the midfielder the top four is still possible:

“I don’t think it’s gone yet. We’ve got a lot of games left to play and points to catch up. If we keep going in this direction and keep keeping clean sheets then we’ll definitely score goals.”


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Radamel Falcao joined Chelsea squad two weeks ago but he revealed to the club website that he’s already feeling like at home in his new team, since there is a great atmosphere and everybody is ready to help:

The atmosphere in the squad here is very good, they are very friendly with me and everybody gave me a big welcome.

“It helped to go away on tour with my new team-mates and since we returned to London we haven’t had a lot of free days, but some players have been helping me to get to know the city and helping me to look at houses so I am grateful to them for their help.

Falcao already knows the Premier League, having played last season at Manchester United:

It’s a lot more physical here than anywhere else in Europe. Maybe the football philosophy is a little different here in that it is always about getting the ball forward and there is less time when teams are just trying to control the ball and take the heat out of the game.

The Colombian striker reveals his team-mates are helping him a lot to settle in London:

“Once you get to know your team-mates, you all know when it is the right time to put your foot on the ball and take the heat out of the game and when it is the right time to go forward, all out.

“It’s a very, very competitive league where each team gives absolutely everything they’ve got in every game they play.

“It demands 100 per cent of your ability and focus because it is very competitive, very physical and tactical too. One particular positive is that the atmosphere in every ground here is fantastic.

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José Mourinho© Francesca Ceciarini

Chelsea manager José Mourinho spoke to Premier League official website to review the season that just ended and that saw the Blues winning both League Cup and Premier League:

Tell us just how difficult it is to win the Barclays Premier League.

It is more difficult than ever. I would say it is the most difficult one to win because it is very, very competitive, with very good teams. Even with the points difference we had from the beginning of the season, it was still very hard.

What do you think makes this League so hard?

First of all, it is the mentality. Mentality is very important and in this country, even the teams without the same human potential than the top teams in the League really fight; they really believe and every game becomes very competitive. So mentality is a big part of it, and second I think is the good financial situation that every club has. I think it allows them – even the smaller and promoted teams – to get good players, have good squads and be competitive.

What would you say was your favourite moment of the season?

You know, let me choose two. I would say the first match of the season at Burnley, because it was the first feeling of the quality of football that Chelsea could play during the season. We played fantastically well that match. We scored, in my opinion, maybe the most beautiful goal collectively speaking, which was our second, André Schürrle’s goal. I would also choose the last second of Chelsea v Crystal Palace, when the referee finished the game and Chelsea were mathematically champions.

Who would you say was your most difficult opponent this season?

I have to be pragmatic and choose the only two teams that we couldn’t beat; we didn’t lose against them but we didn’t beat them. Manchester City, two matches, two draws and Southampton, two matches, two draws.

It’s been another very strong year for the Chelsea Academy. How good a job would you say they continue to do?

I’m happy with the talent. Obviously I’m happy with their results, competitively speaking, it’s very nice and good for the players to grow up with the feeling of winning. However, the reality is that they are not the end product and even when they are talents there is a long way to go. I feel that it is part of my job to fulfil this space.

What would you say about the passion and atmosphere in stadiums in English football?

I keep speaking about this and I think I did great propaganda when I was working outside England, when I was in Italy or in Spain and I said I never had my same passion for the game in England and for the atmosphere. The atmosphere is fantastic, it is a pleasure even to be an opponent, even to be the away team. It is a pleasure to play in this country.

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As we’re also enjoying the fact that Chelsea are Champions once again after 5 years, we took up the streets of Fulham area to talk ton the Chelsea fans about their excitement, joy shortly before the bus parade. Here is what they had to say:

How does it feel to be Champions again, after 5 years?

Selena: Well it feels so good, it’s been long to wait 5 years but here we go! We are massive Chelsea fans so we really wanted to come down and and cheer up.

John: We still have a way to go (laughing) but it feels so good to be Champions once more, we really deserved it and we stayed at the top since day 1.

Would you describe this parade as the bigger one than the Champions League, three years ago?

Alice: Well, not very much so because Champions league is a European competition so ‘s very massive, but it still great.

John: It’s a different feeling, the Champions League has been something much rarer, I mean for me my generation (compared to his father)

Dominic: Not really , but still this parade means so much for us. We’re champions and it takes the club to a new level and greater status.

The likes of Petr Cech and Didier Drogba will be leaving the club this summer, are you sad?

Nathan ( John’s father ) : It’s quite a shock, especially for Drogba. I thought he would stay on, they should have given him an extra year contract.

Dominic: It’s a great shock to be fair. Drogba’s penalty kick got us the Champions League, he will always be a legend for us. Petr Cech has been so good over the years so we’re quite sad but I’m happy to have witnessed it

Do you think the the departures of two legends is the beginning of a new Chelsea era?

Selena: No, I wouldn’t say it’s the beginning of new era. Jose said we’ve got a magnificient squad of young talents, so I think it is time for the legends ( Drogba, Lampard, Cech) to move on and make some room for the future legends..

Dominic: I don’t think so. Maybe he (Jose Mourinho) can give some players the chance, for example the under 21 so I would say it is the beginning of a new generation instead.

Nathan: He’s building a new team but still needs a team based on experienced players, so hopefully John Terry can have another great year, before he goes too..


Thanks to Alan, John, Dominic, Alice and Selena to share some words with us!  


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Gary Cahill was enthusiastic while speaking to TalkSport after Leicester important win.

Chelsea are just 3 points away from the title, and they can secure it on Sunday against Crystal Palace at Stamford Bridge:

“The atmosphere is going to be unbelievable. The lads can’t wait to get out there”

“It is such an important game for us. Obviously, you need no motivation for it. It is a cup final for us”.


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